Fort Myers, Florida, What Legal Action Needs to be Taken After Being Arrested for a Felony DUI?

In most cases, if someone is arrested for a DUI charge, their act is considered a misdemeanor crime. However, there are certain cases in which driving under the influence is considered a felony. The main factors that will result in the escalation of ones DUI charge are if there was serious bodily injury or death caused while the driver was operating their vehicle while intoxicated. Another case in which a DUI will be considered a felony on the legal plane is if a person is convicted of a third DUI within 10 years of their second conviction.

The consequences of a felony DUI are dire and will affect the life of the defendant significantly. Those who are arrested for this crime should not compromise on their legal support and they should make sure they connect with a qualified personal injury lawyer who can help them with their case. An attorney who specializes in DUI cases can help the defendant build a defense and try to prove that they were not entirely responsible for the accident. In some cases, the officers get it wrong, and they arrest a person for DUI even when the driver was actually sober and not guilty of this crime. In these cases, it becomes even more imperative to get in touch with a qualified lawyer so individuals can fight for their voices to be heard and for justice to be rightfully served.

If a person is arrested for a DUI, then this will have long-term effects on their life because this will show up on their background checks. Such serious charges can significantly reduce their work and even education prospects and anyone who wants to make sure they are not put in a position where they have to compromise their future without need should get in touch with a DUI lawyer to begin building their case.

Can a DUI be Expunged in Fort Myers, Florida?

Since a DUI can significantly reduce one’s employment prospects, individuals will need to explore any legal avenues which can help them reduce the penalty. In Florida, it is not possible to expunge a DUI conviction. However, individuals may try and pursue an expungement for their arrest in some cases so their arrest is not visible to the public and cannot be viewed unless directed by court order. A criminal defense attorney can better help a person and provide them with the legal assistance they need.

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