Fort Pierce, FL- Alcohol plus the Florida heat equals naked, or nearly naked drunken drivers. While naked and drunk drivers are not likely to be a Florida exclusive, there have been a couple of recent cases that grabbed USAttorneys attention.

One such instance occurred on night in late March when Fort Pierce police pulled over the Volkswagen with no headlights on, according to Immediately officers noted she had dilated pupils and was sweating.

The woman,  who is 18-years old, was asked to get out of her car and perform field sobriety tests. As she exited her vehicle, officers noticed she slipped on a sweatshirt, reported.

Even though it was early spring, the woman  was clad only in underwear and a bra. When officers asked her about her state of undress she said, “it’s real, real, real, real, real, real hot.”

When asked why her headlights weren’t on, the accused said one was out and proceed to incoherently discuss Volkswagen dealerships. She denied drinking or taking drugs, but police eventually arrested the woman and charged her with suspicion of DUI.

(Note: I removed the young woman’s name for a previous version of this post.)

A little over a week after that semi-nude arrest in Fort Pierce, and Orlando woman was nabbed at a fast-food restaurant in a similar state of undress.

Lydia Kelm, 23, was sitting at the drive-through of local McDonald’s around 3 a.m. when she revved her engine and refused to pull up to window prompting an employee to call police.

When police arrived they discovered she was wearing only her bra and panties, despite how brisk it was that night. Police said she “seemed to be confused, lethargic” and “had slurred speech,” according to the Orlando Sentinel. Police later found that her blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit.

She wasn’t “lovin’ it” later when she was cuffed and shuttled off to jail, charged with driving under the influence.

To an outsider it would seem that sense—and clothes!—fly out the window in Florida.

Their state of dress and the circumstances surrounding their DUI arrest may very well be amusing, but once the laughs stop, the seriousness of these sink in and the accused realizes their actions are going to have dire consequences. Those consequences include jail time, loss of driving privileges and costly fines and a permanent record.

If you live in Florida and have been charged with a DUI, an attorney is a must if you want any hope of dodging a DUI conviction. With a Fort Pierce DUI attorney on your case, you will have strong defense that will give you the chance to minimize the possible penalties you face.