According to Georgia state law, anyone found to be driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher is technically driving under the influence and driving under the influence is a criminal offense punishable by law. The punishments also depend on the severity of the crime itself.

This percentage is nothing out of the ordinary. Every state in America uses this same figure. This figure though is tricky because everyone’s body digests alcohol at different rates and the size of the person matters as well. But it does not matter how big you are or how quickly your body processes alcohol, if you register a .08 or higher using the police officer’s breathalyzer you have serious problems.

An Atlanta DUI lawyer can be a game changer

Your life just became more difficult and the bills you are responsible to pay have just increased manifold, perhaps doubled or tripled. If you were saving up for a new car, flat screen, a vacation, that just went out of the window. You can possibly help yourself though if you hire an Atlanta DUI lawyer who knows this field. This committed legal professional could just be the difference of you being set back for a year (if this is not your first DUI, you could be set back financially for two years depending on your income and the situation) or just a few months.

For instance, repeat offenders are handed much more stringent punishments than what first time offenders face. In addition, if the DUI arrest is a result of a drunk driving crash then the consequences are more severe than if you were pulled over and arrested cleanly. Similarly, if in case the crash caused injury or death, charges such as DUI manslaughter maybe filed for which the suspect may end up in prison for several years altogether.

If you are caught in a hit and run situation, the charges would be severe as well. Even in serious situations like this, how you represent yourself matters. You can find a fantastic and motivated Atlanta DUI attorney right here: You made one mistake, you can possibly get some redemption back by using this site to secure a lawyer that can help you.

Georgia DUI – make sure your constitutional rights are not tampered with

Every Atlanta DUI lawyer will tell you that you have some rights as an American citizen, and it is in your best interest to utilize them during your DUI arrest. Like for example, you have the right to remain silent during your arrest and do not have to answer any of the questions posed to you by the arresting officers.

Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law and it is therefore best to politely refrain from answering any questions or directing them to your lawyer.

Similarly, you also have the right to a lawyer. This right is crucial when it comes to beating your DUI case, with the help of an attorney, your DUI charge will be stopped in its tracks before it becomes a DUI conviction.

Proper law enforcement paperwork

Another thing that may help is to understand that searches or any type of sobriety testing needs to be done with your consent. You are not legally obligated to consent to the search of your car or your body by arresting officers. The police may only go ahead with these searches without your permission if and only if they have a search warrant.

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