Loganville, GA- People will come up with any excuse to avoid a DUI or any other arrest for that matter, but the excuse offered to police by a Loganville, Georgia man may be one of the most inventive.

Star date Jan. 21, 2013, police in Walton County, about 20 miles from Atlanta, were called to parking lot of Center Hill Church where they found a wounded and bloodied woman in the parking lot. According to the Loganville-Grayson Patch, the woman called 911 telling dispatch someone was trying to kill her.

Officers found a vehicle in a nearby ditch on Moon Road with the doors open, the engine running and the wheels spinning, but there was no one inside, the Patch said.

While attempting to get information out of the injured woman, who could offer no details, but after searching through her purse they located a cell phone belonging to Joel Lankford. During their search the officers received a call indicating there was prowler on the porch of a home on Escoe Road, just a short distance away.

Police arrived at the home and found the prowler, who told them his name was Joel Lankford. When they asked him what he was doing there Lankford told them aliens transported him to the home and also said he thought he was in Lilburn, a neighbor town.

The officers took him back to the scene where he appeared to be unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI and failing in his duty after striking a fixed object.

The woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Loganville police are still investigating the accident.

People will come up with some very interesting excuses to avoid a DUI arrest, but you should know that alien transport won’t be a valid defense any DUI attorney can present on your behalf. Nor will any of the other excuses people have offered police in the past.

Back in September of last year, Florida police pulled over a man late one Saturday night after they received a call from another diver, who was almost hit by the man. Police also observed him driving erratically; he left the roadway.

Once the pulled Warren Michael III, they noticed a strong odor of alcohol, but Michael blamed his careless driving on his pet, telling the officers, “he had a squirrel eating him.” Michael then opened up his shirts and showed them the animal wrapped in his shirt.

While talking to Michael police noticed he had bloodshot eyes and he subsequently failed field sobriety tests.

And in October, a Delaware man netted his 7th DUI arrest after he apparently saw an elephant in the road. Samuel Phillips drove his SUV of the side of the road and crashed into a guardrail. During the police investigation, Phillips admitted to police that he had smoke a marijuana joint laced with PCP.

Excuses won’t help a person if they are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, but they will make for amusing stories for police and journalists.