Savannah, GA – A recent study has revealed that Georgia ranks as one of the strictest states in the nation for DUI charges.

While there are laws against driving drunk, some states do a better job of combating it than others, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. When it comes to DUI laws, one of the states who has been named as one of the strictest states is Georgia.

WalletHub analyzed all 50 states based on 15 key metrics including mandatory alcohol assessment, minimum jail time for both a first and second DUI conviction, and vehicle impound. After analyzing those sections, the results were categorized under either “criminal penalties” or “prevention rank.”

Overall, Georgia came in number two in the nation for having the harshest DUI penalties, specifically for administration license suspension and jail times. First-time DUI offenders in Georgia must spend 10 days in jail, while second-time DUI offenders must spend 90 days in jail. Those convicted with a DUI also get their license suspended the longest out of any other state: 360 days.

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Additional factors that helped Georgia win the number two spot on the list include their mandatory DUI prevention programs including a “no-refusal” initiative for rapid search warrants for sobriety testing, child endangerment protection, and sobriety checkpoints.

While Georgia DUI attorneys may have to be on their A-game in order to help their clients navigate the court system, other states may not have it so hard. Washington D.C. placed 50th on the list and has much more lenient punishments. While those charged with a DUI only get their license suspended for a mere 90 days, the third lowest amount of time in the state, there is also no minimum jail sentence required for and first and second-time DUI offenders.

Overall, the study revealed that repeat DUI offenders had about three weeks longer jail time opposed to first-time DUI offenders. After a DUI, 88 percent of all states require people charged with a DUI to have an ignition interlock device installed on their cars. Also, 37 states have a mandatory requirement for DUI offenders to complete an alcohol abuse assessment and treatment.

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