Drunk driving accidents are one of the most common forms of road accidents in Frankfort, Kentucky. The recent records show that in Kentucky alone, more than 800 road accidents occur due to drunk driving. The number of such cases increases every day worldwide. It is estimated that a drunk driving accident occurs almost every 53 minutes in Frankfort, Kentucky. These data show that numerous people have to go through the legal proceedings that entail a drunk driving accident. Most people do not have any idea regarding legal proceedings. To overcome this, they need the guidance of a DUI car accident lawyer.

Legally, drunk driving has been defined as an accident or collision due to one or more parties being under drugs’ influence. Here, the drunken party is known as the party driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), and the other parties are the victim. In Kentucky, the limit of alcohol in the blood is 0.08% for every citizen above 21. The punishment and the consequences of being involved in a DUI accident are decided as per the level of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Every state regulates different rules and regulations concerning the destructive and often deadly drunk driving cases. Initially, offenders may be let go with a warning or a small fine. But repeated accidents may result in prison along with hefty penalties. If someone has been in a drunk driving accident for more than one time, then they need a trustworthy Frankfort DWI accident law firm behind them immediately. 

On the other hand, victims can also hire an accident attorney to get the required compensation. The victims are usually compensated from the DUI for the injuries and property (such as damage to the victim’s vehicle, etc.). To ensure the maximum compensation for the loss, they should search and contact various Frankfort DWI car accident injury lawyers. Make sure to choose a lawyer that fulfills all the possible requirements.

USAttorneys.com provides the legal aid needed to the DUI offenders across Kentucky. Victims can go through their profiles and read their success rates to make sure to choose the best lawyer for themselves. The DUI Attorney can impact the duration of sentence received. 


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