Wellington polo executive John Goodman’s DUI Tampa attorneys have requested a third trial for the businessman who was last week convicted of manslaughter in the 2010 death of Scott Patrick Wilson. His DUI attorneys are claiming that the second trail in which a six-member jury upheld the previous charges against Goodman as per DUI, Tampa, Fl. statuettes was so fraught with mistakes that the accused executive deserves a third chance to prove his innocence.

The October 28th reconviction means that Goodman can face up to 16 years in prison if Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath decides to take the strict route this November 19th when the sentencing is scheduled.

Convicted twice of the same charges

Goodman was initially convicted of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, both with failure to render aid, for the first time in March of 2012. He was kept in jail in Palm Beach County for nearly two months while he awaited his appeal and was finally sprung free on a $7 million cash bond. The verdict in the first conviction was a minimum of 11 prison years, and a maximum of 16.

Goodman’s DUI attorneys were capable of getting that verdict thrown out of the window due to alleged juror misconduct. However, when the Wellington executive was tried a second time the jury took more than four hours to reach a verdict that helped what the courts had already said―Goodman was guilty and he deserved the decade long prison sentence (perhaps more) he was up for.

Goodman’s attorneys though do not seem to be taking the defeat lying down. It’s been only a week and requests are in motion for a third trial for Goodman, and this time his DUI Tampa attorneys hope they will be able to turn the tide around in their favor.

Though how exactly they plan to do so is still debatable. There are no known jury misconducts this time around, and the two jurors with potential issues – a lady who was allegedly heckled at the sequestered hotel, and a man who supposedly went on the Internet despite strict rules stating otherwise – had already been excused from the panel as alternates even before the deliberations began.

John Goodman seems to not want to accept responsibility for his actions.

Man arrested in New York for trying to influence jury

The only possible source of a mess-up is the New York man who was allegedly arrested for sending a text message to a trial witness seeking cash in exchange for his help in swaying jurors on the case. No more information about this man has been forthcoming. Though the matter is under jurisdiction, prosecutors say that it may not have much to with the Goodman jury which was selected in Tampa, Fl. The trial had to be moved out of Palm Beach County due to the excessive publicity about the case in the city which was thought to be detrimental to the case.

Goodman did not even help the victims out!

The guilty Goodman had some outstanding DUI attorneys

The defense is going ahead with their request for a new trial based on the premise that Goodman was prevented from receiving a fair trial the second time around due to Judge Colbath’s actions and his repeated siding with the prosecution’s objections. The sentencing is scheduled for November 19th as of now, but it will be interesting to see if this case can take another unpredicted turn in the fortnight until D-day.