Bloomsburg, PA- It’s not often drunken drivers drive right up to the police and practically hand themselves over to be charged. But drunks can make some stupid mistakes like a couple who was using GPS and winded up in jail on DUI charges.

ABC 30 reports that the couple, identified as 41-year-old Richard Schnee and 44-year-old Ardean Marie Smith, were riding in separate cars as the searched for a hotel in the North Philly suburb of Upper Dublin.

Schnee was following Smith who was using her GPS when the couple were led straight to the police station instead if the hotel.

Police arrested the couple and charged them with DUI. That was likely one of the most effortless DUI arrest for police in Pennsylvania.

This couple probably thought they weren’t that drunk and were okay to drive, it’s a mistake that many DUI offenders make. Some people simply don’t consider drunken driving as a serious issue though it contributes to one in three fatal accidents. In a survey from 2013, the American Automobile Association found that motorists don’t consider drunken driving as a major issue or safety risk.

According to the study, in 2009, 90 percent of Americans believed that drunken driving was a threat to public safety compared to 2012 when only 69 percent believed driving under the influence was dangerous. That is due in part to the “do as I say not as I do” attitude that many Americans have.

A 2010 NHTSA study 2010 found that 1 in 12 drivers admitted to driving drunk at least once during the course of their driving years. According to MADD, the average person will drive drunk 80 times before they are they are pulled over and arrested for DUI.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania, you probably already realize that you have a troublesome legal battle ahead of you. What you may not realize is that you need an experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney working on your case, otherwise you may be facing a host of consequences.

In Pennsylvania, a first-time DUI conviction doesn’t carry any jail time, but that doesn’t mean a judge doesn’t have the authority to put a person behind bars if their actions warrant it. A convicted offender will also have to pay expensive fines and have the charge put on their criminal record for others to see.

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