Courtney Coard is currently in the midst of his first year serving as a defensive graduate assistant for the football team in Georgia. Coard has let down a lot of people by getting arrested on Saturday morning last week for suspected drunken driving, according to a report.

Since his arrest, the Georgia football team has wasted no time in suspending the athlete. A spokesperson for the team also stated that Coard was subsequently banned from appearing in the second scrimmage of Georgia, an event that kicked off around 11 am at Sanford Stadium in Athens on the same day as the arrest. He will need an Atlanta DUI lawyer now, not so much the football schedule.

At the moment, Coard is out on bail, he had to post bail of $2,000. However, he will be charged in the court of law for the following crimes: driving under the influence and improper driving.

An athletic career setback

As per National Collegiate Athletic Commission norms, each state is allowed a maximum of four graduate assistants of which Coard was one among them. The Graduate assistants are given the privilege of being the only persons (with the exception of the nine assistant coaches) that can coach on the field during training sessions and real games.

Formerly, Coard had served as many as four years as the defensive line coach of the football team of Carolina A&T. In his profile as a defensive line coach, Coard has also served teams such as Grambling. During his playing days, Coard was first selection for the North Carolina-Central in defensive tackle from 2004 through to 2007.


It was not immediately clear if Coard had a DUI defense attorney to represent him in trial or if he would need to be appointed a public defender by the state. If he wants one of the best in the region, he does not have to look far. is loaded with legal talent and lawyers who know this criminal situation. Coard knows athletic moves, these attorneys know legal moves.

90 mile pursuit ends in tractor trailer driver getting arrested

Cops pursued a tractor trailer for an unbelievable 90 miles all the way from the Macon area to Atlantic Station, only a couple of miles from Atlanta on Monday night earlier this week, as reported by In the pursuit were law enforcement offices belonging to both Bibb and Monroe Counties.

The tractor trailer was first spotted driving recklessly on Interstate 75. It was travelling in a northerly direction without any headlights. Arresting officers and eye witnesses have even stated that the possibly inebriated driver of the tractor trailer tried to crash into other vehicles including patrol cars that were attempting to stop it. At one point, one of the officers even fired and blew out the front tire but the driver continued driving on just the rims. Suspect has been identified as 26 year old Bernard MagetoMonyoncho.

Hire a Georgia DUI lawyer

According to Atlanta DUI lawyers, if convicted of a DUI in Georgia, you may be punished in the following ways, prison term, hefty fines, ankle bracelet, ignition interlock device, suspension of drivers permit, mandatory completion of alcohol counselling programs (at your own expense), etc.

If you want to stay away from such dreadful punishments, your best chance is to quickly appoint a qualified and experienced Georgia DUI attorney to build a solid defense and represent you aggressively in a court of law.