If you happen to face a driving under the influence charge in South Carolina we understand how intimidating it can be and how serious the repercussions are. However, what you need to know is that not all DUI charges have to evolve into DUI convictions.

If you play your cards right, appoint a DUI legal pro at the earliest and start working on a fool proof defense, then there is no reason why you will not be able to beat your DUI charge or at least have the legal consequences reduced through a plea bargain.

If you do receive a DUI ticket, you can be thankful you did not hurt anyone if you were driving truly drunk. Some people receive DUI tickets because the local government is broke, Sacramento, CA knows all about this. If you need a DUI lawyer in Greenville, SC then you need to use USAttorneys.com. This amazing website is marvelous and very practical. Any questions? Contact us. We will call you back shortly.

What are some of the consequences of a DUI conviction?

To begin with, it needs to be made clear that the legal consequences are not the only negative implications associated with a DUI conviction.

Apart from prison time, fines, etc. a DUI conviction can also impact your social, professional, and personal life negatively, caution leading DUI lawyers in Greenville, SC, It can taint your social reputation, put stress on your personal relationships and also ruin your career or career prospects. This makes it more critical that you fight and defend yourself against your DUI charge without any ado.

License suspension

As per state DUI laws, your license will be suspended even if you are not eventually convicted. The DMV or department of motor vehicles will not wait until your case is concluded and you are actually convicted of your DUI charge in order to suspend your license, according to South Carolina DUI attorneys.

The moment a chemical test such as a toxicology report, a breathalyzer test, or a blood/urine test indicates that you were driving with a BAC or blood alcohol content over the legal limit of .08%, the DMV will go ahead and suspend your driver’s license right away.

If you are convicted then the judge or jury could further impose another suspension on top of the DMV’s suspension.

Please note that even a refusal to undertake a sobriety test in some states like South Carolina, known as implied consent states, could also result in the immediate suspension of your license for up to 1 year.

Prison time

If convicted, you could be on your way to prison. In many states, even a first offense may result in a prison sentence which can range anywhere between three days to one month.

Sentences will increase depending on whether it is a second offense, or third offense and so forth and also whether the drunken or drugged driving resulted in a car accident that caused injury or death, and so on.

Now in the movie Hancock, with John Hancock (Will Smith), Hancock was locked up for a variety of reasons. Now he really did not have to be locked up, he just needed to stop being an “as-hole” according to his reputation manager Ray (Jason Bateman). But Hancock did not see that until a few weeks went by, most of this time him being in prison, and when he actually started listening to someone else.

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The only leverage you have is that you were pulled over without probable cause or some other technicality and your DUI lawyer in Greenville, SC is sharp and committed and is able to find some hole in the prosecution/police’s case. Hancock is fiction, this is reality. Even if Hancock was real, are you Hancock? No! You need legal help and this is where USAttorneys.com should come into your life. This website is not Hancock either but it saves lives like him.

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Ignition interlock devices and alcohol counseling programs

Most states require ignition interlock devices to be installed on all of the offender’s vehicles and this is true even for a first offense. Note that you will have to bear these costs just like you will have to bear the costs of any alcohol or drug counseling program that you may be asked to complete.

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