CASTLE ROCK, CO. – A Douglas County jury delivered a guilty verdict for 43-year-old Daniel Barrett Swecker of Monument in a 2012 DUI case which resulted in the death of a 24-year-old man named Nelson Marvin Canada.
The guilty verdict was handed down in Douglas Countyon Tuesday 27 June 2014, against the driver who fled the scene of the fatal crash after running over the victim on the highway. The incident occurred at around 2 am on Feb. 25, 2012.
The victim who was identified as 24-year-old Nelson Marvin Canada was travelling southbound on Interstate 25in a dark-colored Ford Expedition as a passenger. Mr. Canada demanded the driver of the SUV, who is believed to be a drunk friend, to pull over and let him drive. According to the DA’s Office, Canada was believed to be sober.
The driver stopped the SUV in the far right lane near mile marker 183. When Canada stepped out of the vehicle, he was struck by a gold-colored Ford Excursion which was travelling at a speed of 80 mph. As a result of the impact, Canada was thrown 124 feet and he suffered multiple traumas to his body, including his head, diaphragm and spine. The impact was so powerful, that his shoes were knocked off.
The driver of the Excursion, who was identified as 43-year-old Daniel Swecker, got out of his vehicle, called his wife and walked more than a mile to a nearby gas station where his wife came to pick him up. He never called 911, nor tried to help the victim. According to Michelle Yi, spokeswoman for the 18th Judicial District Attorney, Swecker was so intoxicated that he never saw Mr. Canada or the vehicle. He made no effort whatsoever to stop after the crash, but slammed into the rear of the Expedition, running over Nelson Canada instead.
40 minutes later, Swecker’s wife eventually drove him back to the scene of the crash.
Swecker’s blood alcohol content was checked about 103 minutes after the 911 call which was made by a witness at about 2 am.It came out to be 0.118, well above the legal BAC limit of 0.08. He was not injured during the accident.
According to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Swecker was convicted on charges of vehicular homicide involving DUI and leaving the scene of an accident involving death. His sentencing is scheduled for July 11 at 2:30 p.m. in a Douglas County courthouse and he faces punishment ranging from probation up to 12 years in prison for each count.
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