Hartsville, TN- Jett Williams Adkinson, daughter of Hank Williams Sr. was arrested for drunken driving early Tuesday morning after she was seen driving erratically her home state of Tennessee.

Adkinson was driving her 1998 tan Jaguar in Lebanon, Tennessee, when an officer observed her swerving in traveling lanes. An officer pulled her over around 2:30 a.m., and noticed an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The officer also noted she had slurred speech.

According to Lebanon Police Chief, Chief Scott Bowen, Adkinson was asked to submit to field sobriety tests after she admitted to drinking two beers, according to the Lebanon Democrat.

“Adkinson was asked to perform standardized field sobriety tests, which she did not perform satisfactorily,” Bowen said.

Adkinson, who is also a country singer, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving without proof of insurance and failure to wear her seat belt. She was released from the Wilson County jail later the next day after posting a $1,000 bond.

Adkinson is Hank Williams Sr.’s illegitimate daughter, who was born to Bobbi Jett, several days after he died.

She was adopted by Hank William’s Sr.’s mother Lillie Stone, but when she died two years later, Jett was put in foster care and eventually adopted by another family.

When she was 21, Jett discovered her roots and hired an attorney, Keith Adkinson, to help he prove she was in fact the daughter of the country music legend. That was the beginning of long and arduous court battles so Jett could claim her inheritance.

She locked heads with her famous half-brother Hank Williams Jr., who repeatedly challenged her right to inherit part of Hank Sr.’s estate.

With conclusive proof of her famous connection, a court ruled in 1985 that Adkinson had been defrauded for the financial gain of others, and was entitled to her share of her father’s estate.

Hank Jr. appealed but finally gave up after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Once the court battles were settled, Hank Jr. and Jett mended fences and the pair became friends.

Jett followed in the footsteps of her legendary father and sibling and became a country singer and finally married Adkinson, the attorney who stood by her through the years of court battles.

Luckily she is married to an attorney and has access to a legal expert who can advise her how to approach her DUI charges. Even with a first offense, it is in a person’s best interest to hire a DUI attorney and challenge the charges of negotiate for a plea bargain.

In Tennessee, a first offense DUI requires the offender spend a minimum of two days in jail, unless their blood alcohol was above .20 (in that case the offender could spend up 7 days in jail.) However a judge could sentence an offender to 11 months.

Additional penalties include fines up to $1,000, driver’s license suspension of up to one year, and the offender may be asked install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Tennessee DUI laws could be tough so its important to have a defense before heading to court.