While police officers in Kansas City are out patrolling the streets keeping a watchful eye open for anyone driving intoxicated, there is growing concern as it has been announced that the funding for DUI checkpoints is gone. Advocates are now concerned as these DUI checkpoints help officers catch drunk and drugged drivers and with them being temporarily stopped, more drunk drivers might be out.

DUI checkpoints have come to a stop in Kansas City and many worry this might increase the number of drunk drivers out on the roadways.

As of right now, DUI checkpoints have been temporarily canceled until the fiscal year ends, and that won’t be until October 2017 according to kmbc.com. State lawmakers are responsible for cutting the funding and many worry that with this becoming public knowledge, more drivers are going to get away with the crime, especially on major holidays and weekends. Just last year, officers were able to arrest 296 individuals at these DUI checkpoints, and this year, 41 drivers were caught driving while intoxicated during St. Patrick’s Day alone. That’s a lot of arrests considering the DUI checkpoint was promoted on social media platforms and still drivers were driving with a BAC above the legal limit.

The DUI Saturation Supervisor for Kansas City Police Department is concerned about this change as well as many advocates from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Why are might some be happy about the budget cut?

While many find DUI checkpoints to be beneficial to the community and as they discourage drunk driving, others feel these checkpoints infringe upon their rights. For instance, some individuals might be wrongfully accused of being drunk, are then arrested, and even taken to jail. Wrongful DUI arrests do occur and many individuals are forced to hire a DUI lawyer in Kansas City just to fight back against an error made by an officer.

However, while there may be pros and cons to DUI checkpoints, the fact is, drunk drivers are responsible for causing a significant number of drunk driving accidents which lead to injuries and deaths.

Have you been arrested for DUI in Kansas City?

DUI arrests can lead to serious consequences including jail time, large fines and fees, and revocation of your driving privileges. Although the DUI checkpoints might come to a stop for the time being, Kansas City plans to use the funding they do have to hire more officers to be out patrolling and looking for intoxicated drivers.

But, whether you were wrongfully arrested or did in fact commit the crime, you are going to need an aggressive Kansas City DUI lawyer in your area to represent your case. You will likely have to go through court proceedings, file a plea, and serve your penalties, all of which can be made easier with the help of an attorney who specializes specifically in DUI law.

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