An arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have an immediate impact. Aside from spending several hours in jail, your driver’s license is on the line. For most, the thought of losing their driver’s license is terrifying. It can be a big problem if your livelihood depends on it, so you need to know what’s going to happen and what you can do to keep your driver’s license.

DUI vs. DWI in Tulsa

The legal limit in Tulsa is 0.08 percent. However, you can be charged with drunk driving if your blood alcohol concentration is less than the legal threshold. You can be charged with one either of the following charges depending on your level of intoxication:

DWI- You can be charged with impaired driving if your blood alcohol concentration is between 0.05 percent and 0.079, but the prosecution will have to present additional evidence of intoxication to secure a conviction.

DUI- You can be charged with a DUI if your BAC is 0.08 percent or more. Your BAC will be enough to for prosecution without police or witness testimony.

When an officer decides to charge you with DWI or DUI, they can take you to a local jail to be processed and held and until you post bail or you are arraigned. To get out of jail, you must pay your entire bail amount of find a bail bondsman to cover it.

Tulsa County Inmate Locator:

Tulsa County Jail

300 N Denver Ave.,

Tulsa, OK 74103

You can ask a criminal defense lawyer to bail you out if you’d rather not involve a friend or family member.

Your License Will Be Taken Away

When an officer decides you are impaired, and decide to charge you with DUI, your driver’s license is taken away at the time of your arrest.  The arresting officer must then send your license and an affidavit to the Department of Public Safety. If your license is valid at the time the time of your arrest, you have permission to drive for thirty days after the DPS receives your affidavit or until you are convicted.

If your license is suspended at the time of your arrest, your will not be granted driving privileges or issued a temporary license.

If an officer fails to send your license to DPS, you need to contact the department they work for and ask them to submit the paperwork. Below are the addresses of Tulsa police departments:

Tulsa Police Department

Gilcrease Division

3436 N Delaware Ave,

Tulsa, OK 74110


Tulsa Police Department

Riverside Division

7515 Riverside Pkwy,

Tulsa, OK 74136

Tulsa Police

10122 E 11th St.,

Tulsa, OK 74128

There are two methods to get your driver’s license reinstated:

Ask for an Administrative Hearing- You have 15 days from the date your arrest to request an Administrative Hearing to have your license restored and get full driving privileges. During this hearing, you can present evidence and explain why your license shouldn’t be revoked. These hearings are usually conducted by telephone and have no bearing on your DUI case.

Ask for a Modified Driver’s License- If you only want to drive to and from work or drive the kids to school, you can petition the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety for modified driver’s license. If you are granted a modified license, you will need to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

You can mail your request for a modified driver’s license to the following address:

DPS Legal Division,

P.O. Box 11415,

Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415

Hire a DUI Lawyer in Tulsa

First DUI Offense

Jail: Minimum Ten days up to one year

Fine: Up to $1,000

Driver’s License Revocation: One year if you had a previous revocation on the past five years

Above are just a few of the penalties associated with a DUI conviction. There are other repercussions like the hit your reputation takes if you are convicted and lose your license. It can even cause friends and family to lose respect for you. Everyone makes mistakes which are why you have the right to fight your DUI. recommends you speak to a DUI lawyer in Tulsa and learn how you can avoid a DUI from turning your life into chaos. We have a team of attorneys throughout Oklahoma who have helped defendants avoid prosecution.

If you are a green card holder, have a visa or are undocumented, we recommend you and your DUI lawyer consult with an immigration lawyer in Oklahoma to see how your charges and plea will affect your immigration status.