A DUI arrest can leave you reeling, uncertain about what is in store for your future. Unless this is a second or third offense, you probably have no idea what to expect and have plenty of questions swimming in your head. Will I go to jail? Is my driver’s license going to be suspended? Will a DUI conviction stay on my record and for how long? Our DUI lawyers in Kentucky will explain what comes next with your DUI.

First Jail

When you are arrested for DUI, you are going to be taken to jail, but you won’t have to bail out of jail. In 2015 the Kentucky Supreme Court, Order 2015-24, authorized a pretrial release program for any arrested and charged with the crime. The Non-Financial Uniform Schedule of Bail Administrative Release Program eliminated the bail system in Kentucky and called for the release of inmates based on their risk level. For instance, someone arrested for a non-violent crime like public drunkenness would be considered low risk and could be released on their own recognizance before arraignment.

Drunken or impaired drivers may be considered a moderate risk and can be released under certain conditions outlined by a judge. High-risk offenders are held until arraignment. Since there is no bail system, you don’t have to through a costly and frustrating process to get out of one of the local jails listed below:

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

400 S 6th St.,

Louisville, KY 40202



Community Correctional Center

316 E Chestnut St.,

Louisville, KY 40202


Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended

Under Kentucky law, your driver’s license is not immediately suspended and may be allowed until you are convicted. However, a judge can order your license be suspended as a condition of your pretrial release. It will also be suspended if you violate the state’s implied consent laws by refusing to submit to a breathalyzer or chemical test.

If your license is suspended during pretrial diversion or post-adjudication and you drive, you could be sentenced to jail, forced to pay a high-dollar fine and lose your driving privileges for even longer.

What is a DUI in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, you can be charged with a DUI if you:

Are driving with any amount of alcohol in your system if there is other evidence of impairment

Have a BAC of 0.08 percent or above

Are under 21 and have a BAC of 0.02 percent

Have any intoxicating substances in your body including marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines or prescription drugs

Drive a commercial vehicle and have a BAC of 0.04 percent

The state has a “per se” standard which means you can be convicted of a DUI even if your blood alcohol concentration is less than 0.08 percent. What’s more, the prosecution doesn’t need a lot of evidence to convict you, in many cases, an officer’s observations are enough.

If convicted of a DUI in Louisville you face:

First DUI conviction:

Jail- Two to 30 days

Fines-$200 to $500

License Suspension- 30 days up to 120 days

Mandatory Alcohol or Drug Counseling- 90 days

Second DUI conviction:

Jail-Seven days to six months

Fines-$350 to $500

License Suspension- 12 to maximum of 18 months

On a personal level, a DUI conviction will affect everyone differently. For some people, a like a truck driver or a registered nurse, a DUI conviction is the end of their career. For others, their career isn’t threatened, but the loss of driving privileges makes it difficult to get back and forth from work.

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