Former NBA guard Mookie Blaylock who was sentenced to 15 years for a 2013 vehicular homicide that killed a mother of five, entered a plea deal to help reduce the number of years he needs to spend behind bars. According to the deal, Mookie pleaded guilty to his role in the fatal crash and received a reduced prison time of seven years, suspended after three, and another eight years of probation.

The former basketball star was involved in a head-on collision that occurred in Clayton County on May 31st, 2013, and left Monica Murphy―a 41 year old mother of five from Gwinnett County―dead and her husband, who was driving the couple’s van, injured.

Blaylock changed lanes without reason

According to police reports, the 2013 accident happened just after noon on Friday, May 31st. The wreck involved Blaylock’s car and a van which was being driven by Monica’s husband. Monica was a passenger in the car. The crash occurred near Tara Boulevard and Dixon Road in Clayton County. Jonesboro Police Chief Allen said that the crash was a head-on collision which happened when Blaylock who was driving north, crossed over the median for unknown reasons and into a southbound lane.

The accident caused Blaylock’s car to burst into flames immediately after impact. Both Blaylock and Monica Murphy were airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center as they were both severely injured after the crash. While Monica succumbed to her injuries later that day in the hospital, her husband made it through with moderate injuries. Blaylock on the other hand had to be put under intensive care. He was on life support for some time before being declared critical but stable, and had to stay in hospital for a good ten days before being put in jail.

Mookie Blaylock put other Americans at risk over and over again because he could not handle his drinking and refused to hire a taxi. Why someone would refuse to find another way home is unforgivable, according to many people.

A history of violations

Blaylock, who has played 13 NBA seasons in total, started out as a member of the New Jersey Nets in 1989 was charged with vehicular homicide, as well as for driving with a suspended license and for failing to stay in his lane. DUI Newark, NJ, attorneys who are familiar with Blaylock’s history say that the basketball star should not even have been on the road when the accident happened.

Blaylock apparently had other DUI convictions pending against him before the May 31st crash, and was under treatment for seizures according to the press statements given by a family member at the time of the crash. There is absolutely no reason why Blaylock was allowed to take his car on a busy road and cause a crash that took someone’s life when he should have been home resting.

A pitiful punishment

Clayton County investigators revealed during the trial that Blaylock had seven prior DUI arrests since 1996. However, Pike County District Attorney has been rumored to have recommended a reduced jail term for the former star. As per the plea deal that stands now, Blaylock’s jail term will be suspended after 3 years if he fulfills certain requirements like alcoholism treatment and community service. The rest of the sentence will be spent as probation.

That is incredible. Someone who can flaunt the law that many times and then kill someone and pretty much get a slap on the wrist.