The California Highway Patrol recently arrested a member of Hells Angels’ Sonoma County chapter, according to a Press Democrat report. 26 year old Trenton Miles of Santa Rosa was pulled over by CHP officers after he was caught tailgating a group of motorcycles at 80mph on Highway 101 in Cotati. Miles was in a Ford F-150 pickup in which police found a motorcycle vest with a loaded semi-automatic pistol.

He has been charged with gun possession by a gang member and marijuana possession, and was taken to Sonoma County Jail. According to police reports, the Hells Angels member was already on probation for drunken driving. The Ford-150 was a rented vehicle that none of its occupants was authorized to drive. Even gang members who refuse to live a decent life deserve decent counsel and this can be found on the rising website with a host of marvelous attorneys.

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Windsor man charged with DUI for the fifth time

Old habits die hard is something that Windsor resident Hector Pulido-Gonzalez will agree with. The 27 year old was recently arrested and charged DUI once again, his fifth in seven years, as per a San Jose Mercury News report. He was pulled over by officers an officer from the California Highway Patrol after he was found driving erratically over 80mph on US Highway 101 near River Road. He told the officer he was on the way to pick up his daughter. Pulido-Gonzalez was booked after he failed a field sobriety test.

According to CHP officer Jon Sloat, he was still on probation for his most recent DUI conviction while his driver’s license had been revoked 11 times. Pulido-Gonzalez faces multiple charges of DUI, violating probation, and driving on a suspended license.

Apparently he loves to pay fines and have atrocious insurance rates.

Santa Rosa man gets over 19 years for drunken driving crash that killed passenger

As per a report, 24 year old Santa Rosa resident Rafael Prieto-Gonzalez was ordered a 19 year and four months prison sentence by Judge Jaime Thistlethwaite. According to the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office, the sentence stems from a fatal DUI accident last year in which Prieto-Gonzalez slammed his Ford Explorer into a tree on Commerce Boulevard in Rohnert Park on Feb. 28th, 2014. According to Sonoma County DUI attorneys, the sentence was expected following a plea bargain reached earlier in February.

The drunken driving accident resulted in the death of 44 year old Abel Acosta of St. Helena. According to prosecutors, Prieto-Gonzalez took the 2000 Ford Explorer from someone at a pool hall in Santa Rosa and drove on to Cotati with Acosta. Police reports indicate that he lost control of the car in Rohnert Park, which led to the deadly crash. Witnesses said they heard him calling for help but he fled from the scene after he was pulled out of the wreck.

Don’t drive with drunks!

He was picked up by the police blocks away from the accident. Toxicology reports indicated a BAC or blood alcohol content percentage of 0.17, which is over twice the legal limit. Prieto-Gonzalez will only be eligible for parole after completing 85% of his sentence.

Hire a Sonoma county DUI attorney

According to Sonoma County DUI attorneys, the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office has unique policies when it comes to plea bargaining, jail sentencing, revocation of driving license, reduced charges, and terms of probation. Charges may be enhanced to felonies if anyone other than the driver is even slightly injured. Therefore, it is always prudent to consult an experienced DUI attorney right away whether you are a victim or face DUI charges.