A common mistake made by many Las Vegas motorists is getting behind the wheel when they’ve had too much to drink. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers estimates that some people drive drunk close to 80 times before they get stopped or arrested. However, Las Vegas police are good at catching drunk drivers, and you might one day be accused of drinking and driving. Should that happen, you need to know what to expect from your arrest and what repercussions are in store.

What Happens After my Nevada DUI Arrest?

After an officer decides to arrest you for drunken or drugged driving, several things are going to happen. Your car is going to be impounded, and you are going to be taken to the nearest jail where you will be processed and held until you, a family member or a friend or criminal defense lawyer can post a bond, or you sober up. Below you’ll find addresses to a few local jails in case you or someone is arrested for DUI.


Clark County Detention Center

330 S Casino Center Blvd,

Las Vegas, NV 89101



City of Las Vegas Detention Center

3300 Stewart Ave.,

Las Vegas, NV 89101


If you are unsure where someone is located, you can find them by using the Clark County inmate lookup online tool. Or, you can call (702) 671-3900.

Once you’re released from jail, you will need to get your vehicle out of impound. Las Vegas Metro Police Department use three lots in the Las Vegas area, they are:


Ewing Brothers

1200 A Street,

Las Vegas, NV 89106

(702) 382-9261


Quality Towing

4100 East Cheyenne,

Las Vegas, NV 89115

(702) 649-5711


Fast Towing

2201 N. Commerce St.,

Las Vegas, NV 89102

(702) 383-3278


Entering Your Plea

When you post bond, you will be given a summons to appear in court where you will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. But before you decide what plea to enter, you should familiarize yourself with the penalties for a DUI conviction in Nevada.

First DUI in Las Vegas

Jail- None

Community service-48 hours

Fine-$400 to $1,000

License suspension- 90 days


Second DUI in Las Vegas

Jail- 10 days t6o six months

Community service

Fine- $750 to $1,000

License Suspension-One year

If aggravating circumstances apply to your case, your penalties could double or triple. Aggravating circumstances can include a blood alcohol concentration two times the legal limit, driving impaired with a child under the age of 15 in your vehicle or causing a wreck that results in injury or death.

Set Up a Case Evaluation with a DUI Lawyer in Las Vegas

You should consult with a DUI lawyer in Las Vegas before deciding what plea to enter. They know the courts and how individual judges treat DUI offenders. You may have a strong enough defense to beat conviction in court, or an alternative may be better. For instance, you might be able to negotiate for a plea bargain for reduced charges and a reduced sentence if you are a first offender and have a clean record. USAttorneys.com can refer you to someone near your location to examine your case and decide on whether a plea bargain or a court challenge will be optimal.

In some cases, a plea bargain for wet reckless is better than having a DUI on your record, but immigrants, whether they are documented or undocumented should consult with an immigration lawyer in Nevada before agreeing to a plea bargain. We recommend you set up a consultation today and let your legal counsel worry about the administrative aspects and begin working on your defense. You can avoid making some detrimental mistakes if you have legal assistance.