Some people who choose to drive while intoxicated will put the lives of other people and even animals in danger. A drunk driver in the Houston area is facing additional charges for animal cruelty when the three horses in his trailer were killed after he drove his truck into a pole.

Driver crashes into pole and horses in his trailer are killed

Local police believe the incident happened at around 10 pm in northwest Harris County just off of Highway 249 at Grand Parkway. The 52 year old male driver was speeding and went into the traffic light pole at the intersection on the access road between the highways. The driver did not have his seatbelt secured in his Chevy Silverado and experienced significant, life threatening injuries. He needed to be airlifted to a local hospital while in critical condition. Police believed that the driver was intoxicated due to his actions at the hospital and a container of liquor in the car.

If the driver survives, local prosecutors in Houston plan to file multiple charges against him, including animal cruelty and DWI. A toxicology report was pending to determine whether the driver was actually drunk or not at the time of the accident.

Laws for DWI and DUI

While some states use the term driving while intoxicated versus driving under the influence, a DWI or DUI is essentially the same charge for driving while impaired by drugs, alcohol, or both. Texas, like other states, gives police officers authority to take chemical tests of breath, blood, or urine to determine a driver’s level of intoxication. Even in severe accidents like the news story above, police will usually have the medical staff at the scene draw someone’s blood, and test and preserve the sample as part of a criminal investigation. However, a complete investigation for charging a drunk driver would normally also include field sobriety exercises that demonstrate a driver’s physical abilities at the time of arrest. Cases that involve drivers who are incapacitated by accidents obviously do not give the officers on the scene an opportunity to conduct these exercises, and the chemical test becomes the only crucial piece of evidence. This may actually make a defense attorney’s job easier despite the fact that the driver caused a serious accident.

Cases against drunk drivers

For people who have been injured or experienced property damage due to a drunk driver, it is possible to file a civil lawsuit for monetary damages. This is true regardless of what happens with the criminal case, or even if charges are never filed by a local prosecutor. An attorney who deals with automobile accidents will file a negligence lawsuit. This essentially means that the driver at fault was not following the rules of the road, and they caused harm to another person. These type of cases are essentially the same as any other motor vehicle lawsuit, except for the fact that the driver’s intoxication will provide additional evidence of negligence.

Get help from a local DUI attorney in Houston

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