As most people don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are often combined with weekends you will always find the roads and highways overcrowded when you plan to head out for a long drive. This is the time when you may need to consider hiring a designated driver for the evening, or simply catch a cab home. Why?

You may wish to combine fun with a couple of beers or more while DUI check posts are strict these days with an objective to maintain the traffic safety. So, you have to be a little extra careful about your mental and physical status while driving on the highways as the cops are even more careful about their targets. In Marietta, a number of cases have revealed that drivers without a trace of alcohol in their blood have ended up behind bars just because of their regular medicine.

The DUI tests are not infallible

For example, you may have been prescribed a cough syrup and experience dizziness while driving and still be accused of DUI apparently for no reason. Now, if you get caught being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or some other type of narcotics, your personal as well as professional life is bound to be adversely affected. In case of repeat offenders, even the most practiced Marietta, GA DUI lawyer would admit it is difficult to get away with a lighter offense.

Some the penalties include suspension of their driver’s license and entry into the DUI records, which is not again a very pleasant experience. You need a high powered DUI defense lawyer. You can find one right here.

The consequences could be devastating

A DUI conviction can cause huge losses financially. This includes court costs, fine for the conviction, medical treatment and other type of compensation claimed by the injured party. Besides, you are bound to lose your credibility and social standing. Whenever you need to fill in any paperwork, you may be asked to declare if there is any felony on your record. Remember, a DUI often counts as a felony. Such cases can limit or weaken your social network and relations making it really difficult for you to achieve your goals. Being ostracized by society can be devastating.


Seek help from an experienced Georgia DUI attorney

Hiring a Georgia DUI attorney is the best way your rights are protected. A proven and genuine lawyer will guide you through each step of the case to make sure you receive the minimum punishment. Besides, a fantastic lawyer can also worked towards having your DUI record expunged if possible, which in turn makes your life smoother.

It is not difficult to find a remarkable and dependable Marietta, GA DUI lawyer who can with your case. So, even if you are not convicted yet, it is wise to have a lawyer and face your DUI charge more confidently without the fear of losing your social status for years to come.

There are many reasons why your DUI charge could be dismissed at or before trial. This includes the possibility of being illegally stopped, faulty breathalyzer and blood and urine tests, and much more, which your lawyer will be able to determine possibly at first sight. You can call up a DUI lawyer who can help you in this dark spot you are in using this site: