When a person refuses to take a chemical test after being accused of OVI or is convicted of the charge, they face many penalties, one being the loss of their driving privileges. But, with the help of a reputable and dedicated OVI attorney in Ohio, these individuals may still be able to operate their vehicle, but under certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is to have a device ignition interlock system installed in their vehicle.

Although you may have been convicted of OVI, a device ignition interlock system can help you earn back your driving privileges.

What is a device interlock system?

The device is a breathalyzer placed inside the offender’s vehicle and they are required to blow into it before attempting to start their automobile. According to Lifesaver, the device is used to measure the person’s BAC level which then either determines whether the vehicle will turn on or not.

During the initial test, if the device doesn’t detect any alcohol, they are able to go on about their day without any issues. But, if alcohol is detected, the driver must wait a few minutes before attempting to take the test again. If each consecutive test is failed, the device will lock the person out for a longer period of time.

A rolling re-test is also a requirement that was put into place that requires the motorist to take another breathalyzer test while driving the vehicle. If alcohol is detected, they must pull over and stop their car. The ignition interlock system will not turn the engine off while the vehicle is in motion, however, the driver will be signaled to stop.

How much does an ignition interlock device generally cost?

If you have any prior charges, you know being arrested or convicted brings along with it many expenses. There are fines that are assessed and fees imposed that are determined based on the courts laws and what crime was committed. Just as someone is required to pay monthly for being on probation, someone who is required to have a device interlock system installed in their vehicle is going to also be forced to pay a monthly fee.

In most cases, a OVI offender is going to have to find a vendor to supply the interlock system and there is a fee assessed for the installation. This can range between $85-$100. Then of course you have the monthly payments that will need to be made to the vendor. This could cost a person anywhere between $75-$90 a month.

I was charged with OVI in Brookfield, OH. Can an OVI attorney in Brookfield assist me in getting a device interlock system?

If you were recently convicted for DUI, DWI, or OVI in Ohio, the first thing you need to do is speak with Robert C. Koker who is located in Brookfield. He is an experienced and reputable OVI lawyer who understands the laws surrounding this offense, can use past cases and verdicts to determine ways your charges may be reduced, and find ways to get you the opportunity to earn back your driving privileges. Because each case varies and has different circumstances, you are going to want to consult with Robert Koker immediately by calling 330-577-5145.