So, you got stopped for drunk driving in Anaheim. You are in quite the dilemma because of a DUI, whether it is your first or second, has legal and personal repercussions that are burdensome and expensive. Like most, you want to know if there is a way to get rid of your charges and dispose of as many of the troubling consequences the accompany a DUI arrest.

First, Get Out of Jail

A DUI arrest in Anaheim means you are going to spend several hours in jail. Unless you want to wait a few days for your arraignment, someone will need to pay your bail before you are released. To bail someone out of jail, follow the steps listed below:

Locate the inmate if you don’t know where they are

Go the jail and pay the person’s bail

If you don’t have enough or the full bail amount, contact a bondsman

Pick the inmate at one of the facilities listed.

The Anaheim Detention Facility

425 S Harbor Blvd.,

Anaheim, CA 92805     


Orange County Sheriff Department

11100 Cedar St.,

Stanton, CA 90680


Anaheim Police Department Inmate Search:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Search:

You can pay for bond by the following methods under California Penal Code – Section 1269, Section 1276 and Section 1276.5:


Bail bond

Property bond

If you need help bailing someone out of jail, let connect you with a criminal defense lawyer in Anaheim to help with this process. Enlisting an attorney at this stage is a good way to get acquainted and decide if they are the right person to handle your case. A good attorney-client relationship will help you develop a successful defense strategy.

What Options Do I Have to Get Rid of my Anaheim DUI?

After you get out of jail, it’s time to explore how you can avoid a DUI conviction and get rid of some if not most of your legal problems. You have a few options to explore including:

Enter a Diversion Program

DUI diversion programs work for some individuals because it addresses a person alcohol or drug use, but these programs are only available to first offenders. It’s a good program for people who face DUI charges because of alcohol or drug use. Diversion programs have strict requirements and rules; you can be kicked out of the program if you break any of the rules and you will again be faced with a DUI charge. You should consult with a DUI attorney to determine if diversion program is right for you.

Have Your Charges Dismissed

Sometimes police do not follow procedures to the letter, or they fail to respect your rights, thereby invalidating your arrest or the evidence they’ve collected. You can ask the courts to dismiss your charges which will put an end to your legal problems.

Valid reasons to seek a dismissal of DUI charges include:

An officer did not have sufficient probable cause to stop you

Breathalyzers used by a police force are not maintained or calibrated as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Field drug testing kits are contaminated, misinterpreted or misused.

If an officer used excessive force and harmed you during your arrest, we recommend you reach out to a police brutality lawyer in Anaheim.

Hire a DUI Defense Attorney

You can also get rid of your DUI charges by enlisting a DUI lawyer in Anaheim to build a defense. With the right defense, you’ll avoid being convicted and will be done with all the annoyances of drunk or drugged driving charge. We have a legal team that will thoroughly investigate your case and finds the best way to resolve your case.

Immigrants not only need to consult with some versed in DUI laws, and they also need to speak with an immigration lawyer in California to see if their drunk driving charge will harm their immigration status.