Just like nearly every other crime which a person can be put to trial for, the time it takes to complete a DUI case depends very specifically on a person’s situation and on what basis they were arrested.

In most cases, a regular misdemeanor DUI case will take between 3 to 6 months to complete and under the speedy trial rule, it should be resolved within 90 days. However, it is often necessary to go beyond the 90-day mark to resolve the case entirely.

What factors will affect how long my case will take to resolve?

The following factors generally affect how long a DUI case will take to complete in Florida:

  • The amount of evidence both parties have
  • How severely a person was intoxicated at the time of the arrest
  • Whether there was an accident involved or not
  • The number of individuals affected by the behavior of the drunk driver
  • Whether the DUI case was classified as a misdemeanor or felony
  • Whether the intoxicated individual attacked the officer or misbehaved while the officer was arresting them

For more serious DUI cases which are regarded as felonies, the speedy trial rule extends to 175 days in order for the case to be completed. Once again, it is not necessary that the trial be completed in this time frame and if more time is required then a DUI attorney in Largo, Florida can help a person extend their time and reduce their penalties as well.

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How can I avoid getting caught for DUI?

The most obvious way to avoid being caught for driving under the influence is obviously to avoid driving while a person is drunk, to begin with. Even if a person has just taken one drink it is always safer to arrange for a ride with family members or friends to prevent getting into dangerous situations on the road.

The main reason why the law penalizes those who drive while intoxicated so severely is because of how much harm can come out of the action. Driving requires a very high level of attention and skill. Since the situations on the road are changing constantly, it is necessary that a person ensures they are in a very alert state of mind when they are in control of a vehicle. When a person is even slightly intoxicated, their perception of reality is altered significantly and this can make driving one of the most dangerous activities for them to engage in.

Another important step which individuals can take to avoid being penalized more severely for DUI is to cooperate with police officers as best as possible when they are being pulled over and questioned. Speaking to officers rudely, failing to comply to their orders, and trying to escape from them before the questioning is completed can lead a person to face more serious charges. A legal professional can assist a person in fighting for their justice and can help ensure a person is not being charged beyond what is absolutely necessary.

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