According to the National Highway and Safety Administration, 1 out of every 134 people in the United States has been arrested under a DUI charge.

Once a driver gets charged with DUI they are generally stuck with the charge on their record for life. In Lake City, Florida, a DUI offense remains on a person record for 75 years. The fact that  a person risks facing permanent damage to their record should be reason enough for them to take serious precaution if they are ever arrested for drunk driving.

The first move a person should make after their arrest is to get in touch with A DUI lawyer in Lake City, Fl. A DUI lawyer can use their education and experience to help a person with the legalities of their case. They can also inform a person of the various options they have available to try and have their legal consequences reduced.

What other penalties will I have to face for DUI?

Some of the most common penalties a person can be forced to face include:

  • Fines: fines of between $500-$4000 depending on the specific situation of the person
  • Jail time: depending on the specific case a person can be forced to endure from a few days up to a few years of jail time
  • Community hours: first-time offenders almost always have to cover around 50 hours of community service or pay $10 for each hour of community service required of them
  • License suspension: a person can have their license suspended for 6-18 months or longer

The range of penalties is so broad because like most cases of arrest, the final charges in a DUI case depend on the specifics of a person’s situation. If, for example, they managed to get into an accident while they were drunk and they injured or even killed other drivers and passengers along the way they will definitely be subject to faces more serious consequences.

Once again, with the right evidences and the right statements made in court, a person can actually have their penalties reduced significantly.

Can I still drive my car to work if I get charged with DUI?

When it comes to license suspension specifically, a person only has 10 days to apply for a court hearing in order to obtain a hardship license. If they miss this 10-day deadline then they may lose their driving privileges entirely for more than a year.

Naturally, this can make it very difficult for a person to commute to their workplace and back. If a person wants to ensure they gain the privilege of being allowed to use their vehicle for work-related purposes, they should contact a qualified lawyer such as from Koberlein Law Offices in Lake City, FL as soon as they can after their arrest and apply for a court hearing to be granted a limited license which will enable them to drive their vehicle for necessary reasons.