A driver can get penalized pretty harshly in Lansing, MI if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. In Michigan, DUI offenses are not taken lightly at all, especially for individuals who are under 21 years of age and for drivers who are being charged for repeat offenses.

When it comes to how much alcohol a person is allowed to consume before getting behind the wheel, the rules are pretty straight forward. Individuals who are under 21 years of age can not have any alcohol at all before driving. Anyone who is 21 years of age and older, however, will generally only be penalized if they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.

It is important to note that if a person seems to be visibly drunk and they give the officers a hard time while they are being questioned, they may be arrested and charged even if their BAC was within the allowed limit. Once a person has been charged with DUI it will come up on their record and generally cannot be removed.

How long will the DUI charge remain on my record?

The bad news is that in Michigan, a person cannot have their DUI charge removed or expunged. It will generally remain on their record for the rest of their life. In other states, individuals are allowed to undergo various programs and have their crime removed after a certain probationary period, but the state of Michigan does not allow that.

Traffic infractions are taken very seriously in Michigan and that is why anyone who has been subjected to being arrested while DUI should call a DUI lawyer in Lansing, MI. The severity of the penalties a person may be faced with depends on how badly they had been breaking the law and how many other individuals they harmed during their drive.

Drunk driving is often seen as a misdemeanor crime if no serious accident was involved. If a person crashed their vehicle and injured other drivers, however, their case will become a lot more complicated. A lawyer can put together a case to help reduce a person’s liability and to help them remove some of the penalties that are being laid on them.

What if I was wrongfully arrested for drunk driving?

If a person can prove that they were wrongfully accused of drunk driving they will obviously have their crime removed from their record. The best way to ensure that a person gets the justice they deserve is by hiring a Michigan DUI attorney who is familiar with the law and who can help a person prepare their evidence, witnesses, and statements for court.

It is integral that a person takes their case seriously because if they do not put forward their best resources to ensure they win the trial they can be penalized through some very harsh consequences. Having one’s license suspended, paying heavy fines, and having to do jail time are just some of the penalties a person may be subjected to after being charged with DUI in Michigan.