Philadelphia, PA– Each year approximately 1.5 million Americans are arrested for driving under the influence each year. But not all of those DUIs are caused drunk people, a large number of those DUIs involve prescription drugs and illicit drugs like methamphetamines. In Pennsylvania, about half of the DUI arrests, each year are drug-related.

First, USAttorneys wants to recommend that you speak with a defense lawyer if you are facing drugged driving charges in Philadelphia. They will outline the best way to approach your case and develop an effective defense strategy, so you have a greater chance of being convicted of a DUI.

Speaking to Pennsylvania law enforcement officers, George Geisler, of the Pennsylvania DUI Association, said that half of all DUI arrests in the state are drug related, according to the Daily Item. Geisler stated there were 52,000 DUI arrests in Pennsylvania in 2015 and of those arrests 26,000 were drug-related.

“Impairment by prescription drugs, illegal drugs, designer drugs, over-the-counter drugs and “other” drugs all can result in a DUI arrest,” Geisler said, according to the Daily Item.

Here our team of DUI attorneys will discuss a few defenses that won’t work if you are charged with drugged driving charge in Pennsylvania.

Claiming you have a prescription- It doesn’t matter if you have a prescription, Pennsylvania has strict “per se” laws which make it illegal to drive with any amount of drugs in your system. It doesn’t matter if you were prescribed a drug, state law says that you are considered under the influence no matter how little or how much of a drug you have in your system.

I only took a little: Again, Pennsylvania’s per se laws forbid you from having any amount of a drug in your system. Prosecutors don’t have to prove you were impaired at the time of your arrest to charge you; they only need to show that you have drugs in your system.

I was sleep driving- Currently, there are sleeping pills on the market that make people do strange things in their sleep. In addition to sleepwalking and raiding the refrigerator, some people—primarily women—also drive in their sleep, but if you took a sleeping pill voluntarily, the sleep driving defense might not be valid.

If you are facing drugged driving charges, contact a DUI defense lawyer near your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania location to give you sound advice about your case. They will examine the details of your arrest and determine what approach to take in your defense. You can count on our team of attorneys to work hard on your defense and go the extra mile to ensure you can avoid the most troubling consequences of a DUI arrest and conviction.

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