Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Detroit?  A “yes” answer means you are facing a long list of financial, legal and personal consequences. The economic repercussions alone can be an enormous burden, costing you upwards of $10,000 or more over the course of adjudication and during your probationary period.

First Costs: Getting Out of Jail

Once an officer decides you are operating while intoxicated and established probable cause to conduct an arrest, you are going to be taken to a prison and your car is likely to be impounded. In some cases, an officer might allow someone else to drive your case

So, the immediate costs of your impaired driving arrest include paying your bond and getting your car out of impound which can end up be several hundred to a few thousand depending on the severity of your charges and how long your car is in impound.

If a friend or family member is arrested, you might find them at one of the following locations in the Detroit area:

The Old Wayne County Jail

525 Clinton St.,

Detroit, MI 48226



Detroit Detention Center

17601 Mound Rd, Detroit, MI 48212



Wayne County Jail

4747 Woodward Ave.,

Detroit, MI 48201



If you are unsure where the person you need to bail out has been taken, you can find them by using the Wayne County inmate search tool: http://www.waynecounty.com/sheriff/wayne-county-inmate-search.htm

Court Costs in Wayne County

One of the major costs of an OWI or OWVI are the court costs and the penalties resulting you’re your conviction. You can end up paying as little as $700 for a first-offense OWI up to $2,2000 for a second offense. Those fees are on top of the penalties you face for conviction.
Financial Penalties for OWI in Detroit:

First Offense- $1,000 min. up to $2,000

Second Offense- $1,500 min. up to $3,000

Third Offense (Felony)- $3,000 minimum up to $5,000


Court Locations in Detroit and Wayne County

36th District Court

421 Madison Avenue,

Detroit, MI 48226



Third Judicial Circuit Court

1441 St Antoine St.,

Detroit, MI 48226



Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

1441 St Antoine St.,

Detroit, MI 48226



Additional Cost of OWI/ OWVI in Detroit

The costs discussed above are just the beginning of your OWI and OWVI expenses, you are going to face a potentially long list of expenses.

Probation- The costs of probation, depending on the length, can cost as little as a $100 or up to $1,000.

Vehicle immobilization- As part of your sentence, a judge may order the court to immobilize your car as opposed to impounding it. Immobilization is less costly but could require you pay a monthly fee.

House arrest- Instead of jail, you may be required to wear an ankle monitor which could cost upwards of $200 a day.

Alcohol and drug assessment- Anyone convicted of an impaired driving charge will be ordered to participate in a drug or alcohol assessment course which can entail a weekly class, out-patient rehabilitation, or drug counseling. These assessments can include a one-time fee or monthly fees.

Ignition interlock device- If you are granted limited driving privileges, you will have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle which will cost you a few hundred to install and you will have to pay monthly calibration and maintenance fees.

Drug and alcohol testing- You may need to undergo drug or alcohol testing as a condition of your probation. A judge may order you to have these tests done multiple times a week or just once a month, but either way, you must pay the testing fees.

Driver responsibility fees- The State of Michigan requires OWI and OWVI offenders to pay driver responsibility fees ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Auto insurance rates- Once you get your driving privileges reinstated, your insurance rates are going to skyrocket.

Speak to a DUI Lawyer in Detroit

Unless you were wrongfully arrested and charged, or an officer used excessive force all the costs of your OWI or OWVI charges are your responsibility. You should contact a police brutality lawyer in Michigan if your arrest also involved police misconduct.

With a good defense, you might be able to avoid some of the costs of an OWI or OWVI, but you’re going to have to pay some of those costs regardless. USAttorneys.com recommends you speak to an OWI/DUI lawyer in Detroit if you want the best outcome for your case. We can connect you with an attorney who will work tirelessly to minimize the penalties and costs associated with your charge.