How much jail time does a DUI offense carry in Largo, Florida?

There are many factors that play into how much jail time an individual could face if they are convicted of a DUI in Largo, Florida. For instance, if an individual was charged with DUI and they have a previous DUI charge on their record from five years ago, they could face a harsher jail sentence than someone who is convicted for the first time. Other factors that might influence how much jail time an individual may be sentenced to is where they were caught driving while intoxicated and whether they had anyone else, including minors, in the vehicle with them.

If an individual was recently charged with DUI in Largo and they are wondering if jail time is a penalty for DUI and what factors could cause the jail sentence to increase in length, they should read on for some helpful information.


DUI and Jail: What Type of Sentence Does the Crime Carry?


When an individual is arrested for DUI in Largo and it is their first time being charged with the crime, they could potentially be sentenced to a term of imprisonment for up to six months if they are convicted of the crime.1 However, even if the court found an individual guilty of DUI, it could, at its own discretion, choose to give the individual the option of serving their jail sentence, whatever it may be, in a residential alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program or on probation.

Now, a jail term of up to six months could be increased if any of the following factors existed at the time of the individual’s arrest:

  1. Their blood/breath alcohol level (BAL) was .15 or higher. In the State of Florida, it is illegal for an individual to operate a motor vehicle with a BAL of 0.08 or higher. Because .15 is significantly higher than the legal limit, anyone who is charged with DUI with a BAL of .15 or higher could face a higher jail sentence.
  2. They had a minor traveling in the vehicle with them at the time of the alleged offense.
  3. They caused an accident that resulted in property damage, injury to another, or death.


In addition to jail time, an individual who is charged and convicted of DUI in Largo, FL might also face the following penalties:

  • Fines/fees
  • License suspension. This also applies to those who were caught operating a commercial vehicle while intoxicated.
  • Restitution
  • Impoundment
  • Community service
  • Probation


If an individual needs help understanding the criminal charges that have been filed against them or wants to know if there is anything that can be done to get them reduced, they should contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates to speak with one of their Largo, FL DUI lawyers. A DUI charge carries hefty penalties and if an individual is looking for a legal expert who is capable of defending their rights, they should contact Trevena, Pontrello & Associates.


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