After an accident involving a drunk driver, there is usually a convoluted process of criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and insurance claims to be handled by both the victim and the perpetrator. One of the best ways to successfully navigate through all of these issues is with the help of a lawyer who understands the process and routinely deals with similar cases.

Jacksonville police officer deals with the aftermath of a DUI accident

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer was recovering from serious injuries that were the result of a drunk driving accident. He had made some formal statements about the incident and his new life that includes limited mobility during Trauma Awareness Day at Memorial Hospital. The officer said that he was essentially left as a quadriplegic due to spinal damage after the accident, and he has slowly went through treatment protocols to be able to use his lower body again. He had spent over a month in intensive care recovering after his van was struck while his family was returning from Orlando, and he thanked the hospital staff for helping him during such a difficult time. The officer’s wife was also in the vehicle at the time of the accident and she was killed from the impact.  

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What happens to the suspect?

After a suspect is charged with driving under the influence, they may face lawsuits for both criminal charges brought by the state, as well as a civil case brought by the victims to be paid for things like medical expenses and lost wages. It is possible to have a lawyer who is an expert in DUI law and traffic law represent the same defendant or plaintiff in both cases, but is best to speak with the lawyer first and follow their advice. In most cases involving serious injuries or death, the suspect will be charged with a felony for crimes related to driving under the influence and face several years in jail. There will also be insurance companies who deal with the medical expenses or automobile damage afterwards. Their involvement will usually be limited to the civil lawsuit.

How do insurance companies factor into this situation?

An unfortunate reality of dealing with the aftermath of any accident is dealing with insurance claims. It may be possible to have an insurance company cover some or all of the damages related to the accident. However, because the insurance companies are businesses interested in generating profits, getting paid the proper amount can be a lengthy process that includes litigation. These companies have their own insurance attorneys who advocate on the company’s behalf in order to try to save money and pay victims out as little as possible in many situations.

Lawyers are available to give more specific information

If you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident or facing criminal charges related to driving under the influence in Jacksonville or surrounding parts of Florida, it is possible to get advice and representation from a lawyer who specializes in these matters. David Graham Insurance Lawyers is a firm that can give a free consultation and guide you through the entire process.

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