Alexandria, Virginia (October 12th, 2015): In typical DUI trials in Virginia, evidence is arguably the most important factor that will essentially determine the outcome or the verdict of the case. The prosecution uses sobriety testing results along with the testimonies of arresting officers and witnesses, if any, to make their case and indict the suspect.

As for the suspects, contrary to the usual misconception, they are not as helpless as one would be led to believe. In fact, an experienced and solid Alexandria, VA DUI lawyer will prove to be invaluable is such a situation. The attorney will be able to use his or her immense specialized knowledge in defending DUI suspects and will be able to beat the case or at least strike a favorable plea bargain deal with the prosecution.

There are a number of ways in which Virginia DUI lawyers are able to fight DUI charges and challenge and invalidate evidence tactfully and poignantly. One of the best at doing this is Mike Sgarlat who can be reached right here:

How lawyers challenge evidence in DUI cases

Field sobriety testing: field sobriety testing is a technique used by law enforcement officers of all states and counties in the country to test DUI suspects for signs of impairment. The signs that they are looking for are details such as impaired motor skills, slurry speech, forgetfulness, euphoria, impaired hand-eye coordination, and poor balance.

Field sobriety testing practices vary slightly depending on the state, but these changes are almost negligible in most cases and the generic, prevalent field sobriety testing techniques are generally enforced.

Some of the tests include the one legged stand or walk, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus, to name a few.

Virginia DUI lawyers will challenge the information gathered by the execution of such tests. For instance, a person suffering from walking difficulties, or was wearing unsuitable footwear at the time of the test, or had suffered from a previous foot condition/injury, may not be able to pass the one legged stand even if stone cold sober.

Similarly, there are several medical conditions that affect a person’s balance. Such conditions include but are not limited to diabetes and various types of hearing impairments.

Breathalyzers: Breathalyzers are devices that measure the blood alcohol content or BAC. But it is no secret that these machines aren’t flawless and suffer from inaccuracies and calibration issues. Furthermore, the arresting officers that use these machines to gather evidence need to be trained and certified to be able to do so. Not only do Alexandria, Virginia DUI attorneys bring up inherent issues with the breathalyzers themselves but also question the abilities of the law enforcement officer in question.

To make things even harder for the prosecution, there is scientific proof that these breathalyzers are not 100% accurate all of the time. Rather than indicating the blood alcohol levels of a person, it has been found that breathalyzers measure the breath alcohol levels. Also, these devices need to be carefully calibrated prior to usage. The readings may be way off the mark if the calibration itself is not performed diligently.

These are just few of the many points that experienced Alexandria Virginia DUI lawyers bring up to defeat the prosecution. Therefore, for anyone faced with DUI charges, your best bet would be to hire a qualified and concrete legal representative without any delay. Not sure which direction to turn too. Press right here.