Augusta, GA- Chances are if you are reading this you have been charged with a DUI or you know someone has and want to help. That’s good because if you want to launch an effective challenge of your DUI charges, you need to first recognize that it a serious charge and it is going to take some serious legal knowledge to beat.

The single most important step you can take to avoid a DUI conviction is to hire a DUI attorney near your Augusta location. The consequences of a DUI conviction in Georgia, like all states, includes potential jail time, suspension of your driver’s license and costly fines, to a name a few.

Once you’ve enlisted the right lawyer, they will begin working on your defense by evaluating the details of your arrest and the body of evidence the prosecution has against you. Each case is different, so how your lawyer approaches your defense will vary.

The events that transpire just before and during your arrest. DUI arrests generally start with a traffic stop and soon you find yourself in trouble. This is the first thing your legal counsel will look, so they can make certain your rights were not violated at any time during your stop. Most officers operate under the law, but there are times when police ignore a suspect’s rights or are unclear about their rights. The U.S. Constitution states that police must have a legitimate reason to pull you over, but sometimes their probable cause is on shaky ground or somewhat dubious. If your rights are somehow violated during the course of your arrest, you may be able to have your charges dismissed.

Another avenue to explore for you DUI defense is to question the results of field sobriety tests or breathalyzer and chemical tests. Field sobriety tests are generally considered accurate, but even the Highway Traffic Safety Administration recognizes there are factors that can affect a person’s ability to successfully perform such tests.

Breathalyzers and chemical tests are also generally accurate, but breathalyzers are sensitive machines that need regular maintenance. They also need to be operated by trained personnel. Improper calibration or misuse can give inaccurate readings and result in a wrongful arrest. Your attorney will make certain a faulty breathalyzer didn’t result in your wrongful arrest for DUI.

If an effective defense is not likely, you can expect our team of Georgia DUI attorneys to be candid and find alternatives to a court trial. You may be better off accepting a plea bargain for lesser charges and/or reduced sentencing.

A DUI conviction can plague a person for years and impact more areas of their life than they ever anticipate. That is why it is in your best interest to contact a DUI lawyer in Georgia to work on your defense.  USAttorneys can help you find a lawyer near you who will be dedicated to your case from beginning to end and will give you case the attention it deserves.