The charges a person is subjected to after a drunk driving accident depends highly on their specific situation.

The statutory provision which explains the legal consequences and defines offenses related to drunk driving is F.S. 316.193. Anyone who gets charged for drunk driving in Fort Lauderdale will most likely be able to find their charges under this statutory provision. However, if a person wants to ensure they fight their case in the best way possible, they should definitely consider getting the help of a qualified DUI lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL to help them understand their charges better.

A lawyer can help a person examine all of their possible defenses and alternatives available. An attorney can also help a person determine if there are any weak points in their case and help a person present themselves in the best way possible in court to have their jail time and other penalties reduced.

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How will I be charged if I hit and run while DUI?

Depending on one’s specific situation, they will be charged differently by the court. A person’s age, BAC level, and overall circumstances at the time of the accident play a significant role in how the court makes their final decision.

A major factor which affects how a person will be ultimately charged is how they behaved immediately after the accident took place. One of the biggest mistakes drunk drivers make after getting into a drunk driving accident, is they try and flee from the scene of the crime thinking they can get away with being charged, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maybe a few decades ago it was easy to outrun a police officer in a car chase. However, nowadays there are traffic cameras everywhere and it is virtually impossible to get away with a hit and run. In fact, driving away after an accident can lead a person to face very serious penalties they would not have had to face if they had stopped and taken responsibility for their actions.

If a person does hit a vehicle while drunk driving and they drive away from the scene of the crime they will have to endure a minimum of four years in prison along with facing other fines. If their accident resulted in serious physical injuries for other drivers or passengers and they still drove away from the scene of the crime they risk facing a minimum of 5 years of jail time alongside having their license suspended for 3 years. These are not small charges and anyone who is forced to face these penalties will have their life changed significantly.

Anyone who did make the mistake of trying to hit and run while they were drunk should not hesitate to get legal help in order to maximize the chances of having their penalties reduced and in order to increase their chances of being given a second chance by the court.

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