When a drunk driver hits a pedestrian a lot of legal issues come into question. Driving while intoxicated is already a very serious crime which can lead to a person facing severe consequences by the law. However, if a person manages to hit a pedestrian while they are DUI they will have to face far more penalties and depending on the specifics of the case, they may even be charged for manslaughter.

In most cases, the pedestrian who was hit has every right to sue the driver and get compensated for their pain. If the pedestrian was killed during the accident their friends, family members, and legal representatives can sue a driver in their place.

It is not necessary that a driver will be sued after a pedestrian is badly hurt or killed, but there is a very high chance that this is what will take place.

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What compensation can the pedestrian ask for?

If a person hits a pedestrian while they are DUI, the pedestrian will most likely be able to sue them and demand a certain amount of compensation. In most cases, a pedestrian will be able to demand compensation to help pay for:

  • Lost salary and wages
  • Loss of their normal life routine
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental and emotional pain

The jury will help decide how much money should be given to the pedestrian. If a person finds themselves in a situation where they accidentally hit a pedestrian while driving under the influence they should get in touch with a DUI lawyer in Rockville, MD. An attorney can help reduce the amount of money a person has to pay by bringing forth evidence proving that the driver was not entirely at fault.

If other drivers, traffic obstructions, or even the actions of the pedestrian were reckless then they can be held liable as well and in turn have the amount of compensatory damages due reduced.

What if I can’t pay for all of the damages?

In most cases, individuals will not be able to pay for all of the damages through their own pocket because of how expensive a DUI accident can be. If a person is insured, the pedestrian will receive their money through the insurance company according to their policies. Naturally, this will make a person’s insurance shoot up quite dramatically.

If a person is not insured or has only a small amount of insurance then cases can escalate and become very complicated. In severe cases, a person may even be compelled to sell out their assets in order to pay for the damages they caused. If a person is not insured and they face a lawsuit after hitting a pedestrian while DUI, they need to call an attorney as soon as possible to fight their best battle to reduce their penalties and to ensure they do not end up paying more than they have to.

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