The hunting season is in full swing in Hillsboro, Oregon. And this means that there is more hustle and bustle on the roads than ever before. As hunters and hobbyists flock to Hillsboro and neighboring cities for a good time, the chances of encountering a drunk driver on the road increases plenty.

Oregon’s drunk driving problems have gone down by a huge percentage after the state enacted ignition interlock laws in 2007. But the hunting season brings back all those demons every year as Oregon state police troopers try their best to deal with the increased DUI arrests that is the highlight of the hunting season for some people.

Drunk Hunters are Serious Trouble

Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Erick Timko says that while Oregon’s drunk driving problem may be similar to other states, the increased population influx during the peak hunting seasons makes DUI violations a real possibility. Statistically, since there are more number of people behind the wheels during this time, the number of DUI crashes also increases.

Hillsboro Oregon Washington County―DUI statistics report that DUI crashes are typically seen on forest service roads and the highways during the period. Also, as hunters from other counties drive to their preferred hunting locations, it is not unheard of for them to keep drinking and driving on their way. Many Hillsboro Oregon Washington county―DUI arrests are of the hunters who have driven down from the coast, and arrive in the county dead drunk with a BAC of 0.25 or more.

Holiday Season Worst Time for DUI Violations

Statistics also show that next to the holiday season – with the 4thof July weekend being the most notorious among all holidays – the hunting season and fall sports (football) time are the worst when it comes to a spike in DUI crashes in the state. State troopers say that these seasons see the worst of DUI violations in the state and that there is always something or the other going on; the arrests and violations never seem to stop.

That is one way not to get a DUI during hunting season.

Police officers also reiterate the fact that no matter what the season or the occasion, drivers should always try to take the extra time to either designate a driver before they begin drinking, or set up rides with friends so that they are safe and can keep others safe as well.

Hillsboro Oregon Washington County―DUI attorneys say that there are many reasons why people should plan ahead and avoid getting behind the wheels if they are not in a capable state. In Oregon, if a person is convicted of a DUI, the consequences can be huge. There are strict rules that the courts must follow when an accused walks in who either had a BAC of beyond 0.8 at the time of arrest, or was impaired by other intoxicants.

The minimum penalties for a DUI conviction such as jail time, and community service, and license suspension or revocation are no joking matter. Hey, this is a state that does not even trust its own or anyone when it comes to putting in gas in your car! They have people that do that for you. Moreover, a first time offender may be given a diversion program, but that leniency is not shown to repeat offenders in Oregon.

You do not want to be pulled over for a DUI with a dead carcass in the back of your pick-up truck. All that meat will spoil!