Vehicular homicide

Emory Anthony, the attorney for Latonya Denise Haley who was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide, has filed a motion asking to lift her bond revocation. On September 14th, Haley, drove into and killed Weixi Zhang, an 8 year old boy who was walking home with his family on US 72 and North Park drive, in north Huntsville neighborhood, according to police. The police arrested her the next day but she was granted bail after posting a bond.

District Judge Alison Austin ordered her previous bond revoked when the police arrested her again on Oct 16th on charges of DUI and driving while revoked. Apparently Haley does not care about her future or anyone else’s.

No strong evidence against revocation?

The motion filed by Haley’s attorney states that the police did not have strong evidence to support the DUI charges on the arrest of Oct 16th, and the court also did not consider house arrest as another option. Currently, Haley is in Madison County Jail on charges of vehicular homicide, and on leaving the scene of an accident and two counts of second-degree assault. Many people believe this is where she belongs.

In a response to the motion, Shauna Barnett, the Madison County Assistant District Attorney stated that the decision of bond revocation was appropriate and probable cause was established at a hearing by the arresting officer. Barnett also dismisses the arguments of Haley’s motion questioning the legitimacy of DUI charges and stated that is not a legal ground for the petition.

Since Haley has been repeatedly caught driving while revoked, house arrest as an option could not be considered and would not be effective in her case, according to Barnett. However, some Calera Alabama DUI attorneys share the same opinion as Haley’s attorney and many people believe they do not care about public safety either.

Latonya Denise Haley will be here soon and should have already been here.

CDC reports surprising findings

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that Alabama has the least number of deaths due to alcohol poisoning in the United States. Calera Alabama DUI attorneys have also noticed a decline in the number of fatalities.

Although several surprise findings have been reported in the study conducted by CDC, Alabama still contends with deaths related to alcohol abuse, chronic illnesses of the liver, DUI fatalities, and other causes of death. The report also states that an average of six Americans die every day from alcohol poisoning, and a majority of deaths happen in middle aged men, and not college students as commonly believed.

While in Alabama, the deaths per million residents was 5.3, Alaska registered an alarming 46.5 deaths per million residents.

Four drinks for women and five drinks for men at a single session count as binge drinking. According to the report, more than 38 million Americans indulge in binge drinking as often as four times in a month. The CDC reports that of those who had alcohol addiction, only about a third died of alcohol poisoning.

Alabama ranked 17th, the highest for deaths related to alcohol, despite ranking low in alcohol poisoning related deaths. Accidental falls and liver cirrhosis were included as causes of deaths in this study released in June 2014. The CDC recommends stringent laws, since the study finds that states that had stronger alcohol policies have lower rates of alcohol-related deaths.

Has Haley even apologized to the Zhang family? Many people want to know why Haley was free to drive around after she killed a child.