A reporter for the Carolina Hurricanes, Chantel McCabe, faces a one month suspension by the professional ice hockey team after being arrested on a drunk driving charge. The rinkside reporter and host of the Hurricanes’ pregame show ‘Hurricanes Live’ on FOX Sports Carolinas was charged with driving under the influence on Saturday in Raleigh, N.C. She was pulled over at 1600 block of Glenwood Avenue and was found to be driving while impaired.

Earlier, 25 year old McCabe was a news report for WGGB-TV, the local Springfield, Massachusetts station. This is her third season with the Hurricanes as a reporter. She also reports for the NHL Network and NHL.com, and recently appeared on the Following the arrest, Hurricanes’ boss Don Waddell said it was best that McCabe take some time away.

He placed the sideline reporter on suspension until the end of the month. According to a team release, McCabe’s role will not be filled by anyone. Details of any tests or who is her Raleigh NC DUI attorney is still unclear. The Hurricanes are expected to kick off their 2014-15 regular-season campaign on Oct. 10th against the New York Islanders.

Cary Man Pleads Guilty to Third DUI

In other DUI related news, 37 year old Rabah Samara pleaded guilty to another DUI charge, leading to his third conviction. Under state DUI laws, his driving license has been suspended for good. He was arrested for his fourth DUI at a checkpoint stop in December last year. Test results showed a BAC of 0.10 percent, which was above the legal limit of .08. His Raleigh NC DUI attorney told the court that Samara had voluntarily worn a bracelet which indicated he had stayed away from alcohol for a month over the summer.

Samara was sentenced as a Level II offender and has been ordered to enter probation for three years. He has also been slapped with a $1,000 fine and will serve a total of 14 days in prison, spread over the weekends.

Why do we give these inconsiderate people so many chances?

Samara was first charged with a DUI in 2003 when he was involved in an accident that killed 27 year old UNC sports reporter Stephen Gates on Interstate 40. Gates stepped out of his car to change a tire beside Interstate 40 in Orange County when he was hit by an Escalade driven by Emily Caveness. Samara was along with two other passengers in the Escalade.

He later testified that he persuaded Caveness to pull the car over. A couple who had followed them down the road warned Samara as he got out of the car that he hit someone back down on the road. However, he got behind the wheel and took off. Samara claimed to have misunderstood them. He was later arrested for drunk driving.


Samara should have been given another 10 years for taking off.

Samara should be in Jail Now

A loophole in North Carolina’s laws resulted in neither Caveness nor Samara being charged with hit-and-run. Caveness did not drive away while Samara was not driving during the accident. This prompted a change in the law, which now requires passengers to remain at the scene of the accident. In a plea deal in exchange for testifying at Samara’s trial, Caveness’s charge was reduced to a misdemeanor of failing to report an accident. This was Samara’s first DUI conviction. He has been charged four times since then, with only one of those charges being dismissed.

Samara should be executed for being a threat to the public and for past crimes.

Pat and George Gates, the parents of Stephen were promised by Samara that he would fix his flaws and his life. However, they are disappointed that he has continuously failed to keep the promise of turning his life around and only made it more complicated with four DUIs. Pat Gates continues to sit in the courtroom every time Samara makes an appearance in the hopes he gets her message.

He will not though. Samara will only get the message when he is levied with a serious punishment and so far North Carolina has shown to be a weak state in this regard.