Have you been charged with a DWI in Houston? Were you convicted? A “Yes” to those questions, then you may be wondering what your DUI arrest and conviction means for you personally and professionally. One of the many repercussions associated with a DWI conviction is that it appears on your record.

How Does a DWI on My Record Affect My Job?

Having a DWI on your record can affect your job is different ways depending on your profession and your company’s policies. As most Houston residents, you probably get to work by auto, so your livelihood depends on your driver’s license. There are so many ways a DWI record can affect your job.

Some employers have a strict policy in regard to criminal convictions and will terminate any employee for a DWI conviction. For instance, some law enforcement agencies will not hire someone with a DWI conviction and will fire any officer who is.

A commercial driver can see their career come to an abrupt end if they are convicted of a DWI since it stays on a commercial driver’s license for 55 years. Trucking companies are reluctant to hire a driver with drunk driving convictions.

Additional consequences of a DWI record include:

Sky-high insurance premiums

Denied college admissions

You don’t want a criminal conviction or DWI on your record, so it is in your best interest to get a criminal defense lawyer’s advice. Don’t risk your job, your livelihood or your career.

If I’m Convicted, Can I Get an Expunction of My DWI in Houston?

Under Texas law, Chapter 55, you can have a DWI expunged from your record so that it no longer shows up in the public record. Before requesting expunction, you need to finish your sentence including jail time, community service, and probation. You also must wait the following periods before submitting your expunction request:

Class C misdemeanors- 180 days from the date of arrest

Class A or B misdemeanors- 1 year from the date of arrest

Felonies- 3 years from the date of arrest

Once the appropriate time has elapsed, you can submit your application with one of the municipal or district courts below:

Harris County District Court

49 San Jacinto St #303,

Houston, TX 77002


Harris County 61st District Court

201 Caroline St,

Houston, TX 77002


Houston Municipal Courts

1400 Lubbock St,

Houston, TX 77002

Your application for expunction will be reviewed, and a judge will decide if you can continue the process. You will have a chance to speak to a judge and explain why your record should be expunged. You’ll have a greater chance of convincing a judge why you deserve a clean record.

Hire a DWI Lawyer in Houston

The prospect of going to jail, spending several thousand dollars and having a criminal record is enough to send you into a panic. Some fretting is normal and just the impetus you need to call a DWI lawyer in Houston. With a defense attorney’s help, you can avoid a DWI conviction and the record that goes along with it. You can find dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation at USAttorneys.com.