If you or someone you know was recently charged with DUI in the state of Alabama because you refused to submit to a blood alcohol content or breathalyzer test, chances are you are going to need a skilled Birmingham DUI lawyer who can help you. When a police suspects that a driver is intoxicated and they don’t want to take part in the test that confirms or denies this, police generally assume they are drunk. So what consequences does a person face who may be in this particular situation? Is jail time in the cards? Will you be required to pay a set fine for the charges that may arise out of this incident?

If you are arrested for DUI in Alabama and refuse a breathalyzer or blood test, you will face the penalty for doing so.

The consequences you may face after refusing to take a blood or chemical test

If a police officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that you are driving while under the influence, they can in fact arrest you. But, if you do not submit to any of the tests the department requires, you are automatically facing a 90-day license suspension. This means no driving for the suspension period and possible fines you will be required to pay for committing the offense. Again, as mentioned, if you are arrested for DUI and fail to comply with officer commands, you are going to be charged with the crime.

The only way you may have a chance of getting out of such circumstances is by having a pretty adamant DUI attorney in Alabama who is willing to fight on your behalf. USAttorneys.com has connections to many of these types of attorneys and would gladly place you in touch with them.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the 90-day suspension is the penalty for a first time offender. If you are a second time offender and are arrested for DUI in Alabama within a five-year timeframe from the first charge, you will incur a year timeframe where your license will be suspended. But, if you can get an attorney who specializes in DUI/DWI in Birmingham, you may have a chance of having your charges dropped and your license suspension timeframe reduced.

Here’s a look at what could happen should you fail to submit to a blood, breath, or chemical test 

On January 18, 2017, Madison mayor Paul Finley’s wife was charged with DUI. According to al.com, state troopers clocked her speed at 103 mph on I-565 near the Memorial Parkway interchange. Once she was pulled over, Julie Finley was arrested for driving under the influence. Finley elected to not take part in the blood alcohol content test following her arrest. She is now due in court on March 7 in the Madison County district court. Mayor Finley released a statement highlighting the incident that occurred which can be read at al.com.

While it can be assumed that Mrs. Finley will have her Alabama DUI lawyer representing her, it is unknown as to whether or not the charges will stand.