I Was Arrested for DUI in Alabama, Now What?

If you are facing a DUI conviction in Birmingham, a local Alabama DUI attorney can help get your charges reduced, or even dismissed.

A DUI charge can be a rather complicated matter to get through. You are probably feeling anxious, nervous, and even a bit scared as you probably know DUI convictions carry with them jail time, fines/fees, and even DUI schooling. And not all drivers who were caught in the act were purposely committing the crime because they wanted to engage in reckless behavior. Actually, many motorists charged with DUI failed to create an alternate plan knowing they were going out and would have a few drinks.

Now, before you panic, there are a few things you want to know that influence what charges may be pinned on you and what you could be facing for driving while under the influence. There are several factors that are going to come into play, and various consequences you could be faced with for breaking the law.  Although you may be worried as that is normal for anyone facing a criminal charge, keep in mind that you do have the option of hiring an Alabama DUI attorney following your arrest. Shockley & Ransom Attorneys at Law are experienced professionals who will use the details of your case to create a plan of action for getting these charges that could lead to a conviction, reduced.

Now, because each DUI case in Alabama is different, below are some questions to consider that can help you determine how severe the crime you committed actually was.

Questions to consider

  1. How old are you? DUI charges range by age which means an underage driver will face consequences that differ from someone who may be in their thirties.
  2. Were you involved in an auto accident? If so, did anyone suffer injuries? Causing a wreck will increase the penalty, especially if injuries were sustained.
  3. Were you speeding, swerving, riding up the road the wrong way? If so, the arresting officer could have also charged you with reckless driving.
  4. Was your DUI arrest made in a school zone or where workers were present? The location of where the act was committed also influences your charges as well.
  5. How many times have you been arrested for DUI in the past? Were any of these arrests made in the last five years? A DUI charge could remain on your record for five years which means you could be charged with a second offense if this is the second time.

Need legal assistance?

Although it is rather difficult to truly determine what consequences you are going to be faced with, a Birmingham, AL DUI lawyer can. And if they have adequate proof to back you up, you could potentially only serve a few months in jail as opposed to a year if it is your first offense. The state laws, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the dedication your DUI attorney in Alabama brings will all affect the verdict of your case.

Therefore, if you would like to become more informed about your charges, call 205-663-3363 today and speak with a trustworthy Birmingham DUI lawyer at The Law Offices of Shockley & Ransom Attorneys at Law today.