Drinking is part of the culture in New Orleans, but driving when you’ve had too much to drink is a gigantic mistake. A DWI conviction can throw your life into disarray, so if you are facing one, you want to know what you can do to beat it.

Why Should I Fight a DWI Conviction?

Louisiana Revised Statute 14:98 states that it is illegal to operate an automobile, watercraft, aircraft or another motor vehicle under the following conditions:

Operator is intoxicated by alcohol

Operator has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent

Operator is impaired by a Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V controlled substance as outlined by LA R.S. 40:964

Operator is impaired by alcohol and drugs that are legally obtained via a prescription

Operator is under the influence of any drugs that are legally obtained

Often individuals charged with DWI are unsure if they should fight the charge. There is this misconception that a DWI is not that serious and the penalties are inconsequential, but that isn’t true. A conviction for DWI has several legal consequences, some of which are listed below:

Jail: Ten days to six months; community service may be ordered in lieu of jail

Fines: $300 to $1,000

Driver’s License: No suspended unless BAC is 0.20 percent or higher

Ignition Interlock Device: Judge may order device

Other Penalties: Mandatory participation in rehab, driver improvement course and additional fines and courts costs.

On top of the penalties listed above, a DWI will impact you in other ways. You could have difficulties getting to work on time or at all. Your wallet will take a hit, and you’ll be left with a conviction on your record, but you can beat a DUI conviction with a criminal defense lawyer’s help.

Why a Defense Matters?

To secure a conviction, a New Orleans prosecutor is going to present a lot of evidence against you. They will look at every detail of your arrest to build their case, which means they will also look into your personal life. The prosecution will use past arrests or encounters with police against you in court. The details matter to the prosecution, and they matter when it comes to your defense.

Our team of DWI lawyers in New Orleans won’t leave any stone unturned in your defense. They will look at all aspects of your cases from the beginning to end and look for the best possible defense strategy. How an officer conducts himself during your stop is important because they don’t always follow procedures properly. If your rights are violated, your charges will be dismissed.

Common Rights Violations During DWI Arrests:

Forcing a suspect to talk when they have the right to remain silent

Insufficient probable cause to conduct a traffic stop

Inaccurate breathalyzer test results because of improper training

Use of excessive force

Not reading Miranda Rights to an individual under arrest

Wrongful arrest

If you are subjected to police misconduct during your arrest, you should contact a police brutality lawyer in New Orleans.

When Should I Hire a DWI Lawyer in New Orleans?

Get Out of Jail

Even though most DWIs don’t rise to the felony level if you arrested for one, you are going to spend the night in jail. But before you can even begin to think about your defense, you need to get out of jail first. To do that you can enlist a DWI lawyer in New Orleans or a friend or family member. A lawyer is more familiar with the bail process, so they will be able to get you out sooner.


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Once you’re out of jail, you should get legal advice, if you haven’t already. USAttorneys will help you locate a skilled and devoted DWI attorney in New Orleans to work on your defense. You need legal assistance to avoid a conviction. Call and arrange a case evaluation today.