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Like many other states, Idaho state laws make it a crime for any motorist to be driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 percent or higher. The state imposes stricter penalties for those under the age of 21 and for commercial drivers operating vehicles under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drivers under 21 may not operate a vehicle with a BAC level of .02 percent or higher. Commercial drivers may not operate a vehicle with a BAC level of .04 percent or higher.

Hawaii’s Implied Consent Law

Like many other states, Hawaii has an implied consent law in place. Any motorist in the state automatically gives officers the right to check their blood alcohol/drug content via a breath, blood or urine test. However, unlike other states, motorists may decline to submit to a chemical test.

Idaho Implied Consent

If you are a driver in the state of Idaho, you must abide by the implied consent law. The implied consent law requires that any Idaho motorist give their consent to be tested for alcohol and drug concentrations in their blood, urine and breath if a police officer has reason to suspect they are under the influence.

Those who refuse to submit to testing will be fined $250 and will have their driver’s license seized by the arresting officer and issued a temporary license that is valid until the hearing date or for 30 days (whichever comes first). If the driver is found guilty, they will have their license revoked for 1 year for the first DUI offense with refusal to submit to testing and 2 years for a second DUI offense with refusal to submit to testing (if within 10 years of the first). However, if a judge deems that the arresting officer did not have reasonable or legal cause to stop the driver and request the drug and alcohol test, then the driver will NOT have their driver’s license revoked.

Idaho DUI Punishments

In the state of Idaho, those found guilty of DUI will incur the following penalties:

1st DUI Conviction

• Imprisonment up to 6 months
• Fine up to $1,000
• Driver’s license suspended from 90 – 180 days
• May apply for restricted license after 30 days (if eligible)
• May have to undergo alcohol evaluation/treatment

2nd DUI Conviction

• Minimum 10 days in jail
• Imprisonment up to 1 year
• Fine up to $2,000
• Driver’s license suspended for 1 year
• May have to undergo alcohol evaluation/treatment
• May be subject to work detail
• Ignition interlock device may be required after 1 year license suspension

3rd DUI Conviction

• Considered Felony
• Minimum 30 days in jail
• Imprisonment up to 5 years
• Fine up to $5,000
• Driver’s license suspended from 1 – 5 years
• May have to undergo alcohol evaluation/treatment
• Ignition interlock device required after 1 year license suspension

Idaho SR-22 Requirements

In the state of Idaho, if a motorist’s license is suspended for DUI, they must apply to the Idaho Transportation Department for the license to be reinstated. Driver will have to show proof that they are able to meet any financial obligations that have resulted from the incident. The proof is offered in the form of an SR-22 insurance form and must be kept current for 2 years following the reinstatement of the DUI offender’s driver’s license.

An SR-22 insurance certificate is an official liability insurance document required following an accident, traffic offense of DUI conviction. All motor vehicles in Idaho must be covered by a minimum amount of liability insurance.

After Getting Charged with DUI in Idaho

If you have incurred a DUI charge in Idaho, help is available for you to contest your charges. Speak to a top DUI lawyer in the state immediately following your arrest to fight for your rights. DUI attorneys in Idaho will fight to reinstate your license, will work on a plea bargain for you, will represent you thoroughly in court and will not rest until your charges are significantly reduced or wiped out altogether.

Many times, motorists are unfairly charged with driving under the influence. When working with an elite DUI attorney, you can rest easy knowing that your paralegal will uncover all evidence in your favor and will not allow you to suffer punishments for a crime that you either did not commit or for which there is insufficient proof that you committed. Trust your Idaho DUI lawyer to provide you with excellent legal counsel and ensure that your case ends with the best possible outcome.

A DUI conviction will always come back to haunt you. It can affect your ability to get and keep a job as well as your chances of success with any financial endeavor. Don’t become a victim of your DUI charge; call the offices of a leading team of DUI attorneys in Idaho near you to get started on your case right away.