Any driver who is operating a vehicle while they are intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs can be charged and arrested for DUI. DUI is ordinarily considered a misdemeanor crime, however, if a person got into an accident and injured another driver, passenger or pedestrian they can be charged for vehicular assault under Colorado Revised Statues and their actions will be treated as a felony.

Naturally, the more damage a person manages to do while they are drunk driving, the more penalties they will be subjected to by the court.

What is the penalty for injuring another person while DUI?

Hurting or injuring another person while DUI in Colorado generally results in the following penalties:

  • Up to four years in prison time
  • Up to $500,000 in fines
  • Drivers license suspension
  • Victim restitution

In Colorado, if a person is DUI and they have managed to injure another person, their actions are classified as a class 4 felony. The actual amount of fines and jail time a person will undergo depends on how much loss and suffering they caused to the other individuals.

Will I be pressed with any other charges?
If a person was simply DUI and no one got hurt they will only be pressed with DUI charges. If they injured someone as well then they will be charged with DUI and vehicular assault. If their car accident resulted in someone else’s death they will be charged with DUI and vehicular homicide.

If a person wants to ensure they have their penalties reduced they should get in touch with a DUI lawyer in Denver, Colorado to help represent their case in court. A skilled attorney can help reduce the fines and can even have a charge removed depending on the evidence presented and the specific situation of the case.

How will police officers determine if I am DUI?

Before any charges can be laid, a police officer has to provide reasonable evidence that a person was actually operating a vehicle or they were intending on operating a vehicle while they were under the influence of some form of intoxication. Generally, when an officer pulls a person over under the suspicion that they are drunk, they will take a breath analyzer test in order to determine what the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is. If their blood alcohol content is at or above 0.08% they will be legally liable for their actions.

However, a police officer does not necessarily have to get a high reading to arrest and charge a person. If they feel like a person is not in their proper senses and if they notice that the driver is not physically coordinated enough to compose themselves properly they can charge for DUI as well despite a low BAC.

If a person was wrongly charged for DUI or vehicular assault while DUI they should get in touch with a Colorado DUI attorney as soon as possible in order to try and clear their name. Drunk driving is taken very seriously by the law in Colorado and if anyone gets charged they will most likely have to endure a criminal record alongside several other penalties. An attorney can help a person fight their case until they attain proper justice.