Two new proposed bills await the final vote in the Illinois State House before they can officially be passed as actual state laws, as per a KFVS12 report. When passed, in an effort to reduce drunk-driving related fatalities and incidents, one bill will make it compulsory for drivers with two or more DUI convictions to measure their blood alcohol levels before they turn on the ignition in their cars for a minimum period of five years.

Drunk drivers targeted

The other bill will dictate that drivers who have been convicted of a DUI at least four times will be required to apply for a restricted driver’s license. This license will only be issued to those who can prove that they have been off drugs and alcohol for at least 3 years and that they have ignition interlock devices installed on all vehicles that they drive. The proposed legislation has received tremendous public backing including the support of Herrin, IL DUI attorneys.

Jerry Boens and Demetrius Kindell are brothers that know all too well the risks and consequences of driving under the influence. Both brothers were involved in an accident where a drunk driver crashed into their car head on. The accident occurred on the 3rd of February 2015 and will remain forever etched in their memories. They both agreed that such measures (like the recently proposed legislation) have been long overdue in Illinois.

Many people believe what is overdue in Illinois is lower taxes, oil shale development, and less regulations which kills business expansion.

Cop arrested for drunken-driving has been fired

Nathan Barker was a Woodford County Police Chief until very recently. Barker was pulled over by a State trooper who noticed his car veering from lane to lane on Illinois route 117, as per a PJStar report. The arresting officer suspected Nathan of DUI and put him through field sobriety and breathalyzer tests in which Barker did not fare well.

Consequently, Barker was arrested for DUI but released on a $100 bail. Even though he was only arrested and not yet convicted of his crime, Barker was released of his services by his Police Department. It wasn’t established whether Barker has a DUI attorney to represent him. Barker may want to check out which has a plenitude of attorneys along these lines on it.

Minok City Administrator, Gary Brennan, said in a statement to media that the Illinois State Police have zero-tolerance for such officers and they strive not to condone such activities in any way or form. How about corrupt politicians in Illinois? Is that condoned Brennan?

Weak DUI case, Judge dismisses DUI charge in fatal 2011 crash

A DuPage County judge ruled out a DUI charge claiming it was one of the weakest DUI charges he has seen in his career. 55 year-old James Kisla was involved in fatal car crash in 2011 and was accused and charged for allegedly driving under the influence. However, Judge George Bakalis recently ruled that the evidence put forth by the state was insufficient to convict Kisla of a DUI, as reported in the Chicago Tribune.

Back in 2011, Kisla was charged after he struck and killed 69-year old Donna Early as she and her husband were attempting to cross the road to make their way home after having viewed a fireworks festival.

The evidence against Kisla proved insufficient as arresting officers conceded that field sobriety tests were not administered as laid down. The first officer that questioned Kisla at the scene even testified in court saying she did not notice any signs of impairment when she had interviewed Kisla. Video footage of Kisla undertaking a line walking test was reviewed in the courthouse and the judge remarked that while it wasn’t exactly perfect, it was still easily a pass.