Cook County, IL- With at least 50 percent of convicted DUI offenders going on to repeat their offense, states across the country taking steps to crackdown on these drivers. Illinois is no exception as lawmakers have introduced new legislation that gets tough on repeat DUI offenders.

House Bill 3533 would require someone with their second DUI conviction to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles for up to five years before they can get their license back. That means that repeat offenders won’t be able to run out the clock and avoid installing the devices until they are able to get their license back, according to the State Journal-Review.

The legislation was inspired by the death of a teenage girl who was killed by a drunken driver in 2003 a week before her high school graduation. The driver who killed Caitlin Weese was sentenced to 7 ½ years in jail. Four years after that driver got out of jail, in 2013, he caused another DUI crash that involved several vehicles, but, amazingly, no one was killed.

Upon hearing about the accident, Weese’s stepfather Joel Mains decided he needed to do something to stop repeat drunk drivers so he began drafting legislation, the Spokesman Journal-Review. Mains teamed up with Rep. Barbara Wheeler, R-Crystal Lake, and soon the legislation will move to the state House where it is expected to get enough support to pass.

Safety advocacy groups, most namely Mothers against Drunk Driving, believe ignition interlock devices prevent repeat DUIs by forcing motorists to think about their level of intoxication before they drive and help them from the habit of sober driving.

Let us be clear, at USAttorneys we understand the potentially deadly consequences of drunk driving and encourage people to think twice before doing it. But we also recognize that people deserve the benefit of the doubt and should be able to defend themselves against these very serious charges.

If convicted of a first driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Illinois, a person faces up to a year in jail, a one-year suspension of their driver’s license and a fine up to $2,500. But that’s not all, the overall costs of a DUI conviction can total close to $10K when you factor in legal and DUI-related program fees, and increased insurance premiums.

The consequences of a DUI go beyond the criminal consequences. Convicted offenders also risk their careers and future job prospects and may find themselves paying for their mistake long after they’ve paid their dues. The penalties for DUI will only get tougher, and beating a DUI charge requires the accused retain an experienced Illinois DUI attorney with a comprehensive understanding of state DUI laws.

A DUI conviction on your record will affect you for years to come. Allow USAttorneys connect you with a DUI attorney in Cook County immediately. It’s always with the effort and costs to fight a DUI conviction. Not having legal representation is a big mistake which you may soon regret.

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