Rock Island, IL- A 23-year-old Illinois man is facing criminal counts after causing a crash that took the life of a pregnant Illinois woman and nearly killed the woman’s young daughter. Now, the at-fault driver is facing serious criminal charges.

Pregnant Illinois Woman Killed by Drunk Driver

Fox 5 reports that the crash occurred on in the early morning hours of Friday, July 6, 2017, in Minooka when a man attempted to pass a car on Ridge Road in a no-passing zone and hit a pregnant woman’s Chrysler head-on.

The pregnant woman was killed in the accident. Her one-year old daughter was strapped in the back and was unharmed. Two teenagers who came across the accident scene sprang into action and managed to pull the driver’s one-year-old daughter out of the backseat of the car.

After striking the Chrysler, a drunk driver hit a Toyota sedan carrying three passengers, but none of the occupants were injured.

The two teens who came across the accident scene received national attention for their heroic actions. They were given the opportunity to meet the little girl they saved.

The young man responsible for the crash was also injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police arrested the driver for drunk driving and possession of marijuana. Police are waiting for a toxicology test to come back before they decide what to charge the at-fault driver.

What are the Consequences of Causing a DUI Accident?

Many people across Illinois get behind the wheel when they’ve had a few too many drinks or took pills they shouldn’t have. In some cases, an impaired driver causes an accident that hurts or kills their passengers or other motorists. Drunken or impaired drivers who cause an injurious or deadly crash

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