I’m Fighting a DWI in San Antonio, Are There Alternatives to DWI Court?

A DWI conviction is bad, having one on you record will be much more trouble than you know. Even if the criminal penalties are minimal, a drunk driving conviction is going to have a ripple effect and before you realize it has impacted your personal life and your job. One question people ask our DWI lawyers in San Antonio: Do I have to go to DWI court?

First things First: Getting Out of Jail in San Antonio

If someone is arrested for a DUI, they will likely be taken to one of the following jails in San Antonio:

Central Texas Detention Facility

218 S Laredo St. # 2,

San Antonio, TX 78207


Bexar County Adult Detention Center

200 N Comal St.,

San Antonio, TX 78207


You may also need to visit one of the courthouses below:

Bexar County Courthouse

100 Dolorosa,

San Antonio, TX 78205


San Antonio Municipal Court

401 S Frio St.,

San Antonio, TX 78207

The Bexar County government has a tool you can use to find out where the person you need to bail out is located: http://apps.bexar.org/CMAGSearchList/.

Once out of jail, it’s time for you to decide how you are going to move forward. As you are probably aware, you can ask for a trial before a jury or judge, but that can be costly and time-consuming. Some people don’t have the time or will to take their case to court. You may feel the same way and want to pursue an alternative. In Texas, you may be eligible for a DWI diversion program, or you may be able to negotiate a plea bargain.

Texas DWI Diversion Program

Texas has a pretrial intervention program for first-time DWI offenders. It gives individuals the opportunity to avoid having a conviction on their record as long as they successfully complete the program and keep a clean record. This program also allows immigrants to avoid having an arrest and conviction on their record which in some circumstances, can result in deportation, even with legal status.

To be eligible for pretrial diversion, you must meet the following requirements:

No previous arrests

Must plead guilty

Have a valid driver’s license when you are arrested

Three letters of recommendation

Undergo substance abuse evaluation

Be employed or attend school

The program is tailored to each individual’s case, so requirements to complete the program will vary according to the dictates of a court. There is a monthly fee for supervision. Once you complete the program, the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office will file a motion to dismiss your case.

Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Office

101 W Nueva St.,

San Antonio, TX 78205

Plea Bargains in Texas

The pre-trial intervention program is not a good fit for everyone which is why you might consider a plea bargain. You will be able to reduce your charges and minimize sentencing, but you will still have to plead guilty to a wet reckless or careless driving charge. If in the future, you are arrested for a repeat DWI your plea bargain is going to count as DWI for sentencing purposes.

If you are facing a repeat DWI offense, a plea bargain will be your only alternative to a trial, so it’s important to get the best deal possible. That’s the goal our criminal defense attorneys in Texas, to resolve your case so that it doesn’t have such a negative impact on your life.

Want an Alternative to DWI Court? Hire a DWI Lawyer in San Antonio

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