The start of the New Year will bring with it a program to emphasize on DWI enforcement for State Highway Patrol in an effort to reduce DUI incidents.

North Carolina will be more proactive in enforcing DWI Laws

The New Year brings with it an increase in DUI enforcement by NC State Highway Patrol to further reduce incidences of drinking and driving. The surge in DUI prevention activities will also include educational programs for drivers on the importance of not driving when under the influence of alcohol. This program is specially aimed at teenage drivers.

Figures for 2014 demonstrate that of the 5,460 crashes investigated by Highway Patrol, 3,697 reported injuries. There were 181 reported killed, reflecting a 20% decrease from the 228 killed in 2013.

Statewide, troopers made over 20,000 DWI arrests; the number has not increased from the previous year. In addition to DWI incidents, the patrol made 2,390 drugs impaired driver arrests.

According to Raleigh NC DUI attorneys, the US sees a huge number of deaths due to drinking and driving every year. The statistics are staggering with North Carolina registering as many 12,000 DUI arrests every year. Across the US, the number DUI/DWI offenders arrested is as high as 900,000 with 1/3 repeat offenders. In NC, statistics indicate that 9 out of 100,000 people die in DWI collisions. Almost all drug impaired DUI arrests have been found with alcohol in their systems. The annual cost of DUI collisions totals more than $51 billion.

Citizens can now Actively Enforce NC DWI Laws

The efforts of the NC State Highway Patrol will continue in 2015, as they stand firm on saving the lives of people and ensuring safe travel on state roads as per Commander Bill Gray, of highway patrol. He hopes to make this happen by enforcing DUI laws on state roads and removing impaired drivers from them. With help from the DWI enforcement, education and citizens, the state roads can be made safer.

Citizens can be vigilantes and help towards this effort by reporting DWI offenders and dialing *HP or (*47) on their mobile phone. To aid investigations, vigilantes should provide a description of the vehicle, the location, direction in which the vehicle is traveling, and a license number.

New DWI Laws in NC can Send a DWI Violator to Jail

As per the new laws DWI offenders who upon sentencing would have to spend time in state prison can now be sent to county jail instead.

Major George Kenworthy of the Robeson County detention center opines that time served in prison is no different from time spent in jail. The new laws want the prison cleared for more violent crimes. However, a jail sentence does not reduce the severity of the crime. A car in the hands of a drunken driver changes to a weapon, says Kenworthy. Some people though that have been a victim of overzealous ticket writing by police and so they may have a different opinion on this statement by Kenworthy.

NC highway patrol said that they know DWI is a problem in Robeson County. During the time of Thanksgiving they carried out a special program targeted at DUI offenders. In a program they partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and managed to snatch 40 impaired drivers. It certainly seemed worthwhile then!

While no one would encourage drinking and driving in any circumstance, mistakes do happen. You can visit to read more about penalties and laws for the state of Florida.