Indianapolis, IN- An off-duty Beech Grove police officer was arrested for OWI Sunday after she drove to a local gas station.

WTHR reports that an anonymous tip alerted police that a patron of the gas station located on Smith Valley Road appeared to be intoxicated. When officers arrived, they found a poorly parked SUV with a female driver inside.

Police made contact with the female driver and noticed she smelled strongly of alcohol, the TV station reports. An attendant also told police that the woman was unable to walk straight and was fumbling with her credit card at the register.

The woman, who later identified herself as Jill Liter, admitted that she had a few drinks while visiting a friend, but refused to submit to field sobriety tests.

She then told the responding officers that she was a police officer and walked away when they tried to place her under arrest, WTHR reports. One of the officers said it appeared as though she expected to be let go and was “abusive” throughout her arrest and when she was taken to the local jail.

The exact charges Liter is facing have not been determined since it will take several weeks for the blood test results come back. In the meantime, Liter has been put on administrative leave while she is being investigated for OWI.

You don’t have to be convicted of an OWI for the consequences kick in immediately. Indiana, like most states, will suspend a person’s driver’s licenses immediately and give them a small window of time to argue it should be reinstated with limited privileges. Losing your license is just the beginning of the troubles a person has to deal with when they are hit with OWI charges.

Many OWI offenders depend on their cars to get back and forth to work and many others actually drive for a living, like Liter. If you can’t drive, you could lose your job so you need retain an OWI attorney near your Indiana location as soon as possible. They may be able to mitigate some of the immediate costs of your impaired driving charge.

In addition to the immediate consequences, a first-time OWI offender in Indiana faces jail, costly fines and will lose their license. An OWI will also show up on your record and count against a person for five years, so clearly it is in your best interest to fight your charges by retaining expert legal assistance.

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