As reported by, the arrested detective has been identified as 32 year old Christopher White who resides in Noblesville. White was pulled over and arrested on suspicion of DUI at about 3 o’ clock in the morning on Brooks School Road.

According to police reports, White was not operating a vehicle that belonged to the police force but was using his own vehicle when he was spotted by arresting officers that witnessed his driving in a manner they described as snaking in and out of his own lane and was unable to maintain a straight line.

At this point, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officers signaled him to pull over. He co-operated and was subjected to field sobriety tests which he did not fare very well in. As a result he was taken to jail in lieu of an unspecified bond on the suspicion of DUI and OWI endangerment.

White was also made to take a test which revealed a BAC of was at 0.182%, which is more than two times the maximum legal limit for driving of 0.08 in the Hoosier State, according to Indianapolis DUI attorneys.

According to police, White has been with the force for 7 years and has been a wonderful professional so far in the investigative department. It has also been confirmed that White will be prosecuted like any other citizen and no special preference or treatment will be given to him just because he is an employee of the Police Department.

Currently, White is on administrative leave for an indefinite period and his employment status will depend on the outcome of an investigation that has been initiated to conclusively establish whether or not he was indeed guilty of what he has been accused of.

Warning to Indiana residents – smoking pot even in a state where it is legal can be detrimental        

With summer fast approaching, it is not uncommon for Indiana residents to explore the rest of the nation while on vacation. As reported by, a lot of Indiana residents will be travelling to the four states where smoking pot for recreational purposes has been legalized.

Smoking marijuana harms no one but the smoker

The vacationers will inevitably come across situations where they may be offered some safe and legal pot. According to expert Indianapolis DUI attorneys it would be wise to politely decline any such offers because partaking in the act may land them in a lot of trouble once they are back in the state. Marijuana stays in the human system for as long as 3 weeks after having last smoked it, in Indiana it is illegal. If asked to take a random drug test, such vacationers may be fired from their jobs or worse, be taken to jail if operating a car.


There could be a little exaggeration though to some of this. Many people believe this is fear mongering. The best attorneys on the site are ready to defend anyone charged with frivolous and goofy laws.

DUI laws in Indiana

Like other states in the country, driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is a serious offense in the State of Indiana and is punishable by law. Anyone that is wrongly charged may find themselves facing grave consequences, it is pivotal that such unfortunate folks appoint an experienced Indianapolis DUI attorney who will know all the tricks of the trade and will be able to prove his or her client’s innocence.

The consequences of being convicted of DUI may include jail time, license suspensions, fines, installation of ignition interlock devices and mandatory alcohol/drug counselling. In fact, even a first time offender will have his or her license cancelled for 180 days by the BMV and a court will suspend the license for a further 90 days (minimum) if found guilty.