Smyrna, GA- An eight-month-old infant was killed Saturday night when the child’s father, who is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, crashed head on into taxi cab on Windy Hill Road near the intersection of South Cobb Drive Saturday night.

The occurred shortly before 11 p.m., when Darren Curry, 31, was traveling westbound on Windy Hill Road with his three children, ages 7, 3, and eight-months old and their mother, when he crossed over the center line striking a taxi cab head on.

When Smyrna police arrived on the scene, the infant was dead. The seven year-old child had only minor injuries, but the three year old has to be taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery for serious abdominal injuries. Both children are expected to recover.

The eight-month-old boy was in a car seat, authorities said, but it was not properly installed. Smyrna police said the other children were not wearing their seat belts.

The cab driver, identified as Jose Diaz, along with Curry and the children’s mother were all taken to a local hospital where there were treated from minor injuries.

Police said a dog in curry’s car was also killed.

Police suspect Curry was under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs, WSB-TV reported, but are still waiting for toxicology reports to make a determination.

Curry was charged with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, driving under the influence child endangerment, three counts of child safety restraint violations, reckless driving and improper passing, the Marietta Journal reported.

Too many people have think that no matter how much they have had to drink or how many pills they have taken, they can drive safely. Individuals, who are intoxicated, often don’t realize how much their driving abilities are affected by the substances they consume.

In 2012, 20 percent of children under the age of 14 were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents. The majority of drivers who cause deadly DUI accidents are above the legal limit of .08, according to the data from MADD.

Children are more likely to die in DUI accidents because they are not properly restrained, as is the case with this accident. According to MADD, drunken drivers properly restrain their children only 18 percent of the time.

Driving under the influence with minor children carries additional penalties in all states including Georgia. If convicted, an offender faces a maximum of one year in jail plus a $1,000. In Georgia the child endangerment charges are separate from the DUI and could result in stiffer penalties for the alleged offender.

Getting a DUI charge is serious, even if the driver did not harm another person or have minor children in their car. A DUI conviction can cost the offender thousands of dollars and mar their record, affecting their ability to get a good job or a higher education. A DUI will affect a person’s life in many ways they don’t realize, but a DUI attorney can make it possible for an offender to avoid the worst penalties.